Five Tips to Handle Dirty Electricity

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Dirty Electricity produces Electromagnetic Radiation. When you reduce or eliminate dirty electricity, you’re also reducing or eliminating electromagnetic radiation in your environment. You can lower EMF in 5 different ways.

Tip #1 -Reduce Dirty Electricity – Whole Home Protection

Electricity coming from the power pole enters your dwelling through a breaker box.Satic Whole house unit

The amount of current delivered to your box is the constant fixed volume.

Sometimes there are spikes in the amount delivered. Electrical current is divided into 2 parts. The current is one part. The electromagnetic field that is created by the flow of current is the other part.

When you get a spike in the current, it also created a spike in the amount of electromagnetic radiation.

To flatten these spikes, the Satic USA Company has created a line conditioner that can be installed at your breaker box. It flattens all the spikes before the current enters your home. This reduces both your power bill AND the amount of electromagnetic radiation coming from your home wiring.

Tip # 2 Reduce Dirty Electricity in a Condo or Apartment

plug-in-emf-protectionSatic has made a plug-in version of their whole home unit.

Instead of flattening the spikes of electricity and resultant electromagnetic radiation, it conditions the current wherever you have it plugged in, and then any subsequent journey around the rest of your condo.

The company recommends you put 2 plugs in on either side of the since

Tip #3 Dirty Electricity in a Room

emf dirty electricity protection

The main reason people want to handle dirty electricity is because it creates EMF’s. To reduce the EMF’s in a room, even if you don’t use a line conditioner product, you can hang a Room Shield in any room where the level of EMF is unacceptable to you.

Many people hang a Room Shield on the inside wall directly across from where a Smart meter is mounted on the outside of the home. Bedrooms and children’s rooms are excellent places for Room Shields. At night, your body is in a rest and repair mode while you sleep.

Children do most of their development and growth while sleeping. EMF can interfere with brain development and other important biological functions. This makes it extremely important that EMF levels be minimized in their bedrooms.

Tip #4 – Reduce dirty electricity from electronics

stetzer filter emf protection

Even when you use a whole home solution, your individual electronics and appliances all give off electromagnetic radiation as they are in use.

If you put a Stetzer filter (or filters) in power plugs or power strips that your electronics or appliance plugs into, it functions as a localized line conditioner.

Some people who are sensitive to EMF find this extra EMF protection makes a huge difference for them. We have customers who are highly sensitive who use all 4 of these techniques to make their environment quite pleasant and essentially EMF-free.

Tip #5 – Wear Personal EMF Protection – the BioElectric Shield

Learn more about how you can protect yourself 24/7 by wearing a BioElectric Shield. By using applied physics, the crystal matrix in this personal Shield deflects EMF, the negative aspect of dirty electricity. Take a quiz to find out what your level of protection you will need. This is based on both your exposure to EMF as well as any energy sensitivities you may have.

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