Are you Feeling helpless against Energy Vampires?

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If you are an empath or HSP you are most likely compassionate, caring and trusting. You most likely think that most people mean well. It’s hard to believe that there are some who purposefully prey on the trust and caring that so freely flows from you.

How can it be that you’re eating right, taking care of yourself, maybe even doing work that you love, and yet you are still exhausted and perhaps even sick? It could be that one of these predators is draining your energy. Unfortunately, energy vampires and narcissists are master manipulators who draw (drain) your energy and give nothing back in return.

In the past, these predators have operated pretty freely because it was difficult to pin them down. In fact, even if we did recognize them it was hard to believe and often we’d get talked out of our point of view by well-meaning friends who were also taken in.

However, things are changing, mental health professionals are identifying their tactics and personality traits to help their victims recognize them and fight back.

Why do we get involved with the narcissists and energy vampires?

Let me be clear, it’s not your fault. You haven’t done anything wrong. As empaths, we are so overwhelmed by their energy we are often unable to get a clear look at who/what they really are. They are chameleons and very difficult to see clearly.

The other difficulty in spotting them is that frequently they aren’t conscious of how their behavior and actions affect others. They often actually feel like they are the ones being victimized. You’re thoughtful, caring and would never think to be mean to someone who is so obviously suffering. Right? Well, that’s got to stop if you are to regain yourself.

Life lesson – learning to say no?

For many of us, our life path seems to include learning how to deal with them. Perhaps it’s to help us learn to be clear about who we Really Are and to not allow their toxicity to overwhelm us anymore. We seem to get continually pushed until we reach a point where we stand up and declare “no more.”

There are techniques and things you can do to help yourself. There are books like Christiane Northrup’s “Dodging Energy Vampires: An Empath’s Guide to Evading Relationships That Drain You and Restoring Your Health and Power”, and numerous excellent online and in person teachers who can help you learn to guard your energy and maintain your clarity and sanity.

Why aren’t protection techniques enough these days?

I’ve studied with some expert teachers and learned a lot, and yet, I still need additional help. I talk to people every day and hear reports from hundreds of others that even techniques that used to work, no longer seem to be doing the job. One of the reasons for this is that our constantly intensifying bombardment of EMF, WiFi, smart meters and 5G networks are also draining our energy reserves. In some cases, all this has the effect of scrambling our energy and ability to deal with things.

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That’s why being protected and learning coping techniques is so critical. I highly recommend that in addition to learning energy management and protection that you also give your energy field a boost with some seriously needed protection – a BioElectric Shield.

Get free of their influence! Regain your own energy, thoughts, and emotions!

The BioElectric Shield strengthens your energy field (aura) and deflects EMF and other technology-related frequencies as well as other people’s stress and negativity. It’s like being in a cocoon of positive energy – less pulled this way and that and drained by all the forces around you.

Imagine being able to hear only your own thoughts!

You are no longer feeling the full effects of their desires, needs, wants, thoughts etc, and begin to feel more clarity. You will actually be able to “hear” your own thoughts more clearly, understand and act on your desires and needs in ways that may have been extremely difficult.

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