Are There Scary Monsters Hiding Under Your Bed?

ScaryMontersAre you feeling anxious, exhausted and overwhelmed? It seems everyone is more stressed over the current world situation. The hostility with the elections is a palpable energy, that can affect your health and wellbeing on many levels including focus, energy, tense muscles, and sleepless nights.

When you try to sleep it’s like all the scary monsters start sneaking out from under the bed giving you nightmares, that sometimes spill over into the day.

Stress, Hype, Uncertainty, Fear can Undermine you Mentally, Emotionally, and Physically.

In this time of chaos and the current 2020 elections, hype, uncertainty, and stress are at an all-time high. Some of the fears are certainly real and important to pay attention to, but you are also being affected by the stress and fears from other people and a lot of worries about what-ifs, that you really can’t do anything about right now.

This kind of stress and worry can seriously impact your Immune system, your energy level, leave you feeling overwhelmed and emotionally unable to cope.

The BioElectric Shield can help support your energy on all levels, giving you the strength and focus to more clearly and calmly deal with all that’s before you.

Between, the Elections and Halloween – you are inundated by both real and imagined fears, anger, hostility, and uncertainty.

Everywhere you look there are News Stories, Videos, FaceBook Posts in addition to Halloween movies, haunted houses, and other fearful things. Fear is something that we seem to enjoy, at least I think we must since we seek it out and continue to allow it to find its way into our everyday lives. But it’s also something we pick up from people, and the general consciousness.

Is the fear even yours?

You may be affected by the fears of those around you, by the collective unconscious. Especially in these chaotic times, it can become overwhelming.

Read this article Fear is All Around Us and learn more about the origins of fear in our lives and the impact it can have on your life.

Go ahead watch that news story or scary movie and freak yourself out, but don’t allow fearful thoughts to play havoc on your daily life. Start questioning those fears when they pop up. Understanding our irrational fears frees us from political and corporate manipulation, and makes our choices better, and our lives braver.

Science of Fear:

I recently read the book “The Science of Fear: How the Culture of Fear Manipulates Your Brain” by Daniel Gardner.  It was a fascinating book and started me on a path of questioning statements made by the media, especially when there are statistics involved.

Because the media hypes up certain types of stories, we begin to believe they are happening all the time when in fact they are extremely rare. We then act on that belief sometimes with disastrous results. He states that after 9/11 more people drove instead of flying, resulting in approximately an additional 1,600 traffic deaths the first year, dropping the second year and then back to normal the third year. After reading this book you will never again simply accept what you hear as fact. you will be questioning whether something is true or likely and reassess the true dangers.

It’s one thing to watch a scary movie; you know it’s not real so the fear is temporary. However, many of us continue to watch the news and read articles piling on more and more things we need to be afraid of. One of the problems with this is that there is so much to be afraid of, you can’t even assess what truly needs your attention. How often do you take the time to do a reality check and see if it’s really something that YOU need to be afraid of?

Reality Check:

Byron Katie gives another perspective by giving you tools to do a reality check through a series of four questions and some excellent tools designed to help you do your own reality check.

1.    Is it true?
2.    Are you absolutely sure it’s true? How do you know?
3.    What is your reaction when you allow yourself to believe that thought?
4.    Who would you be without the thought?

Byron Katie has a free set of worksheets on her website to help you learn to put these statements in practice and turn those thoughts around.


Did you know that wearing a BioElectric Shield can help in several ways?

Even if the fear is real – and there are plenty of things to be concerned about – the Shield can help you cope.

  1. It deflects other people’s stress, fear, and negativity – even from the news.
  2. It helps you stay more balanced and centered in your own knowing.
  3. It deflects harmful EMF, WiFi, 5G, radio waves, etc that deplete your energy and your resistance.
  4. It helps your body be less fatigued by all those energies.
  5. If you are an HSP (Highly Sensitive Person) or Empath, you are even more affected by fear. Not sure? Take our HSP/Empath Quiz for ratings in 5 specific areas, and loads of tips and information on ways to turn this sensitivity into a helpful tool, not a curse.

If you don’t have a BioElectric Shield – now’s an excellent time to start wearing one.

Here’s what one customer said after upgrading to a Higher Level Shield

During this shelter-in-place period, I focused on supporting my health and decided to upgrade my shield. I have noticed that since wearing the gold shield I became less irritable. I went for weeks without a ruffle of temper at all. Additionally, since wearing the custom shield, I have become animated with new ideas regarding office work, creating systems that are working to keep the flow and to clear log jambs and build-up.

That makes me feel steady, like a table whose legs are equal length, standing on an even surface. Besides improving quality of life, I think the shield is just gorgeous and I feel very proud to wear it.”

Take one of our quizzes for a Shield recommendation.

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