Expand Possibility: Fill Year with Curiosity, Play and Discovery!

Untitled-3Carol Burbank, Guest Blogger

The world is too much with us; late and soon,
Getting and spending, we lay waste our powers…
William Wordsworth

Our daily lives, full of obligation and negotiation, can be overwhelming. We toast together on New Year’s Eve, promising to create something new and better in the days to come. In that moment, anything is possible. So how do we move beyond the grind of our old routines and concerns once the party’s over?

Curiosity is the key.  Sure, we need willpower and discipline. It also helps to create buddy systems to get us to the gym or make us accountable for our goals. And making that doctor’s appointment or finding a great coach gives us professional support and new tools. But these excellent strategies only work when we approach the puzzle with curiosity.

Curiosity leads us forward with a sense of wonder. Willpower and discipline follow because we can stay focused. Our explorations are rewarded by discovery. Curiosity makes the difference between change nourished by a sense of hope and abundance, and change fueled by shame and lack.

Curiosity expands our perspective. Deepak Chopra writes (in the Huffington Post): “The greatest enemy of abundance is contraction. When you find yourself in a tight situation, feeling that there is no way out, drawing a blank when you try to think of new solutions, or carrying around a heavy burden, these are signs of contraction, in mind, body and spirit. Expansion brings in the light, opening up new possibilities. In a relaxed, open state, your awareness sees farther, and life isn’t so confined.”

This week is the perfect time to cultivate the curiosity habit. Start by answering these three questions:

1.            What would my life be like if I let myself be truly curious?

2.            What one change can I make that will open the door to being more open, curious and playful?

3.            What’s the first step to making that change? (Remember, change comes one step at a time, not all at once!)

Let this be the year you expand your sense of wonder. Curiosity can help you achieve your goals and dreams. Step by step, make this a fascinating year.


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