Energy Drained by Others? Take the Empath Quiz

Exhausted empath hSP woman drained by other peopleAre you extremely sensitive emotionally, dislike crowds or feel exhausted after being around people? Chances are you are either an empath or a highly sensitive person HSP.

How many of the following questions do you answer yes to?

  1. Do you avoid busy places or feel overwhelmed when there are a lot of people around?
  2. Is your intuition strong?
  3. Are you especially sensitive to loud noises?
  4. Are people, even strangers, always telling their life stories or problems?
  5. Do you often have mysterious aches or pains, especially after being around someone who is suffering?
  6. Do you feel uncomfortable, or “pickup information” from old objects or places
  7. Does your mind seem to be busy most of the time?
  8. Are you creative?
  9. Do you find it difficult to be around inauthentic people?
  10. Can you usually tell when someone is lying?
  11. Do you now or have you ever experienced strange phenomena such as seeing energy fields, just knowing something you normally would have no way of knowing, seen or heard ghosts or voices?
  12. Do social situations leave you feeling exhausted?
  13. When you need to refresh and energize yourself do you tend to retreat to a quiet alone space?
  14. Do you sometimes find it difficult to determine what are your thoughts and fears and what are someone else’s.

If you answered yes to more than half of the questions or feel like I’m telling the story of your life, you are most probably either an empath or HSP.

What’s the difference between the and HSP and en Empath? Really it’s mostly a difference of degree with empaths having an extreme sensitivity and awareness of the thoughts, emotions and pains of others, often with an uncanny sense of “knowing” things and most often “taking on” the energy or pain of the other. If you go through much of your life trying to overcome what you see as  “shortcomings”. For our purposes here, it doesn’t really matter if you are an HSP or an empath, what matters is that your energy is being drained.

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