EMF Waves and You — How Much of it is Passing Through Your Body Each Day?

body with energy swirling around and through itWith the way our country is now, electromagnetic interference is all around us. If we could see the signals from our appliances, cell phones, televisions, and laptops, we would see a never ending iridescent stream of waves all around us, shooting through us and eventually outwards, all over the place. These waves practically go on forever through space and are part of how we measure exactly how long it’s been since Earth’s first radio broadcast, which we can still detect.

Things have changed quite a bit since then. Electromagnetic waves are no longer something we only know about thanks to prediction or inference. You’re probably even reading this article on a device that emits a veritable ton of these waves, as well as other signals and frequencies.

Now, consider that the device you’re reading this on is only one of several hundred million in the country today. Then, consider that it isn’t just the hundreds of millions of phones, laptops, and other communication devices which give these waves out. Nearly everything in our culture emits them. The appliances in your home, the planes you see in the sky, the cell phone towers you see propped up on hills and on top of buildings, which omit the most radioactive energy, all give out very large amounts of this energy. In fact, experts say if you have an unobstructed view of a cell phone tower near your home, you should move.

While you may be shocked to learn that billions of these oscillating waves are actually vibrating through us at any given second, know that it’s not science fiction. Some among us aren’t so surprised at all, as they are actually physically able to detect these signals or are affected by them in some way. In other words, the effects of these waves aren’t totally innocuous for everybody.

Those people, as well as any of us in the population, are encouraged to wear some sort of EMF shielding equipment. Most commonly, these devices lie dormant in the home and exist as something like a cover for your electrical plugs. Others who are sensitive to these waves are getting even more clever, and bringing their protection with them.

Enter the EMF protection necklace — combined with a small Bioelectric shield, this device can protect an empath (a nickname for someone who is sensitive to EMF waves) from intrusive waves, allowing them to live life with fewer risks associated with constant exposure to these waves. Each EMF protection necklace needs to be coupled with an applicable shield before it offers any significant level of protection.

It’s said that there is little to no indication that cell users, an amount which increased from 2 billion in 2006 to 6 billion in 2012, are aware of how much risk there is associated with using EMF-dependant devices. In fact, it’s likely that people aren’t aware that their devices usually emit these waves 24/7, even when they’re not on. Simply turning the power off is no cell phone radiation blocker. Don’t be one of these people — stay protected.
Don’t fall victim to EMF danger, and consider an EMF protection Pendant today.

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