Do You Need to Lock Your Heart Away?

Locked HeartMany HSPs and empaths feel like in order to be safe in the world they need to lock their hearts away to protect it from everyone else’s emotions and pain.

Then they discover the BioElectric Shield and its ability to deflect other people’s emotions and negative energy, and they think that’s all they need to do.

The BioShield can make a world of difference. It gives your energy field (aura) enough additional strength and protection that you’re no longer drowning in other people’s energy, often not even sure what your own thoughts and feelings are. Wearing the Shield, you rediscover what it’s like to be in your own energy, free from all the overwhelm.

Then you’re with a spouse or family member who is pouring out their pain and angst, and you walk away feeling terrible. Once again immersed in their stuff. So what the heck happened?

We often get calls from our HSP and empath customers who are wearing Shields and are finding they still have some issues with taking on other people’s energy or pain. In almost every case they are talking about a spouse, family member or close friend.

Before you had a Shield you were in a state of constant bombardment and not knowing what was your own feelings and someone else’s was so commonplace you often didn’t even notice it. Once you start wearing a Shield this isn’t the case anymore so when someone else’s energy does impact you, it’s more noticeable.

Most of us HSPs and empaths are here in one way or another to be of service. You are wired to energetically “reach out” and try to help others, especially loved ones. However, in the process, you often take in more of their energy than you should. The Shield helps, but it cannot override your instinctual way of being. Hey, you’ve been doing this your whole life, so unlearning it can be a process as well.

In addition to wearing the BioShield EMF and energy protection pendant, I’ve found that we need to also take some additional steps to keep our energy clear and to take charge of our sensitivities. Taking on their pain doesn’t help them at all, they still have it, and now so do you. It undermines your ability to be clear and strong for them. Learning to let it go is critical. I will tell you, it can be done, and the extra effort is well worth it.

What I notice with the Shield, is that when I’m faced with someone who is in pain or distressed, I can actually almost feel a space, almost like a pause, in which I can choose how much of their energy to take in. But sometimes I can still be taken by surprise, or taken over by extremely strong emotions, especially with those I love, or whose issues I relate to most strongly.

What should you do if you have taken on someone’s energy or pain?

Once you’ve taken on this energy, you often don’t realize it’s not yours. You continue to try to process it, figure out what you need to do, learn, shift, etc. This isn’t Your issue or energy, so you just need to learn to let it go. Sometimes, you suddenly feel tired, have a strange pain that wasn’t there before, feel like crying, or even feel extremely angry.

Ask yourself if what you’re feeling truly relates to what’s going on in your life? Is there a reason you feel sad, depressed, angry, etc? Did something happen that would cause you to feel the pain in your body? Is this normal?

If you realized that it doesn’t actually seem to fit, then in all likelihood it’s not yours. Often just recognizing that it’s not yours, takes most of the negativity or impact of that emotion away.

Ways of Letting go once you’re recognized the issue:

  • GRATITUDE: Shift to thinking of something positive. Think of something you’re grateful for. Even if it’s really tiny, it helps.
  • BREATHE: Imagine simply breathing the energy out thru the bottoms of your feet and top of your head.
  • ASK FOR HELP: Ask your higher guidance, source, god, goddess, Archangel Michael, etc, to find and remove all energy that is not your own and fill you with the power of love and light. Then breath and give thanks, and feel your lightness return.
  • FILL WITH LIGHT: Imagine golden white light filling your entire body so that nothing else remains but pure light and love.

With a little practice, these self-protective/clearing measures can be almost automatic. Your Shield will continue to work with you, balancing and strengthening your energy and is an important part of your energy toolkit.

Note: If you don’t already have a Shield, please give it some serious consideration.
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