Do you have a hard time being here on earth?

photo of earth shaped heartYou can feel more love and connection when you’re grounded

Do you have a difficult time feeling at home or living in the world? Are there days when you feel that you don’t belong here?

You’re not alone.  HSPs, empaths, and others who are sensitive in one way or another often find it extremely difficult to be here on Earth – sometimes it seems excruciating. The energy is often overwhelming, chaotic and disharmonious that many are disconnected from their bodies and not at all grounded. Strangely being ungrounded and disconnected makes it even more difficult to be here.

So what’s wrong with not being grounded?

When you’re not grounded, you aren’t able to fully access all your abilities and talents.  It’s like a critical part of you is just out of reach, still floating in the ethers. It’s harder to make decisions, tune into your intuition, or to be effective in the world.

What I mean by being effective in the world, is that you are able to manifest your dreams, put a plan into action and actually carry it out. If ungrounded, it’s almost impossible to find the energy, focus, and stamina to bring a thought or dream into the “real world”.

I don’t want to get into esoteric discussions about what’s real, what’s dream, etc – that could take us way off track. My point here is that to live life fully here on Earth, it’s important to have the ability to ground our thoughts and dreams into our current, physical world reality.

Many HSPs, empaths and sensitive are in touch with a wider reality, and have access to dreams and wisdom and can enrich all our lives. When you are grounded, all that potential is now able to go from “potential” to “possible” to “reality manifested”.

So what’s in the way?

Many of us have a deep resistance to being here – it’s too painful, dense, negative, fearful, etc. This resistance keeps you from truly living and appreciating life here on Earth.

Michael Smith said in a post in “Empath Connection Community” on Facebook recently that It’s important to be as aware of our physical bodies as our spiritual work. Blockages that come from prior experiences create patterns of resistance that stop energy from flowing

How do I get grounded?

  1. Pay attention to physical or emotional blocks that may be limiting you. If necessary get the help of a mentor, counselor etc to help make some important shifts in changing limiting beliefs and patterns.
  1. Wear a BioElectric Shield – the Shield helps in several ways:
  • It balances your energy field. – physical, mental, emotional and spiritual so all are working in harmony
  • The Shield deflects the fear and negativity around you –
  • Allows you to actually connect to and feel the love and positive vibes once the “static” is removed.
  • Deflects and neutralizes the EMF that can literally be scrambling your energy field and your brain making it nearly impossible for some people to be grounded and present.
  1. Wear gemstones that help you be grounded and centered. Check out our beaded chains. All the combinations we have chosen help with grounding in one way or another. See what you’re drawn to.

My personal experience

In 1994 I found the BioElectric Shield and it literally changed my life in more ways than I can even begin to describe or fully understand.  Many of you know I work for the Shield Company, but there is a reason I’ve been connected to this product for 27 years. It changed my life – on a minute by minute basis.

One of the first things I noticed is that I was no longer spacey when I went places. I could actually go to the store or even a Mall and enjoy watching people and even manage to remember what it was I went for!

The Shield assisted me in shifting from constant wanting to “go home” to a more spiritual place where there was love and peace –  to realizing that right here there is lots of love if you can just move past the negativity and pain. I was finally able to feel love coming towards me and knew that even though this wasn’t perfect, and wasn’t really home, there would are love and rewards here.

Get Some Help

We always think we can do everything on our own, but guess what, this isn’t always necessary or even helpful. As an HSP, sometimes my energy just drifts where it wants, and I’m ungrounded and non-productive. By using the tools I’ve mentioned, you can be happier with your life and what you are able to accomplish. Why wait? Do something now.

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