Diamonds Can be Your Best Friend.

Be Inspired. Be Inspiring. Align with Your Purpose.

The diamond is the traditional birthstone for April. I am finding it interesting that diamond has some almost contradictory qualities and uses. A Diamond is a stone that bonds relationships and enhances love, most often seen in engagement or wedding rings. It can also help to bring longevity to relationships. On the other hand, it also encourages a desire for independence and a sense of self-confidence.  Personally I feel the best relationships are one in which the partners bond but still maintain their own independence and personality, thus, in my world view the diamond seems absolutely perfect.

I didn’t truly understand the power of the diamond until I got to be the first person to try out the first 14k gold, diamond BioElectric Shield back in 1998. This Shield is an incredible tool for protection and energy enhancement. I awoke the following morning with the absolute understanding that the diamond in that Shield was like a laser beam to help me focus on my purpose and destiny. As I wore this Shield over the next ten years, it seemed that whatever wasn’t in alignment with who I am and am meant to be, just fell away. It also seemed to speed and propel me forward into new adventures that appeared at times to unfold almost like magic. You don’t have to wear a diamond in a Shield for this to work, but the Shield does provide an enhanced strength and focusing quality to the already intense energies of the diamond.

The diamond is a very high frequency stone that will assist you in aligning all your energies and bringing them into alignment with your higher self. If you are looking for clarity of vision, and personal sovereignty the diamond will be a great ally for you. Wear diamonds and your inner light will strengthen and radiate more clearly into the world.

If you are clear and radiating your light, that energy touches and assists others in doing the same. What you do in your life and your energy does matter, the choices you make impact others and create templates for others to see and follows. This phenomenon can be termed in many ways, templates, entrainment, energetic patterning, synchronization, harmonics…..the important thing to remember is we are all one, and yet individual, and that what we do can give inspiration, even permission of a kind, for others to do the same.

The other thing I noticed in wearing this Shield is that my intuition became much stronger. I believe this is in part due to the way  the diamond helps you align to your higher self and the energies of the divine, keeping your purpose and path clear allowing you to serve and be who and what you are meant to be. The other reason I believe it makes a difference is that the 14k gold Shield provides the ultimate in EMF and energy Shielding, making it much easier to be clear, no longer having to go through all the chaos to “tune in”.

Who are you? What is yours to do? If you know the answer, share it. You will help others to find their own answers simply by example

If you don’t know the answer, the Diamond Shield can help you find that clarity. Don’t give in and don’t give up. Find someone who inspires you, someone who very clearly knows who they are and what is there’s to do. Spend time with them, as that energetic patterning can help your energy field know what it feels like to have that clarity. Then open yourself to receive your own answers from your divine, higher self. Yes, I said Your own answers. Finding a teacher or maybe a better term would be an “inspirerer” isn’t about them giving you answers, it’s about opening yourself up to the empowerment of discovering them for yourself.

Enjoy your journey, and seek out allies in the world of stones, find inspiration and allow your spirit to guide you and you will discover that you are more than you could have imagined and that life is rich and magical beyond measure.

Maybe it’s because it’s Easter week, but I feel compelled to leave you with a blessing that always ended our church service when I was a kid. I didn’t truly appreciate that phrase until now…when you go in peace, you are in alignment with the divine, with your higher self, and available for blessing to just pour in.

Go in peace.


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