Viral Flu and 5G-WiFi-Facts to Protect You

5G and coronavirus immunity

Viral Flu and 5G-WiFi-Facts to Protect You

The Viral Flu (Coronavirus) is spreading worldwide and may already be in your local community. As a company that has been in the medical and health industry for over 28 years, we offer a perspective that includes the role of electromagnetic radiation in addition to traditional approaches to staying healthy.

This is not the first virus to cause concern globally, nor will it be the last. As our world becomes more electrified, and ecosystems more out-of-balance, we will all need to address the question of optimal health. What role does EMF play?

The History of Pandemics

Tom Cowan, M.D, recently sent out a newsletter in which he provided his readers with brief summaries of the history of flu pandemics sourced from the book, The Invisible Rainbow, by Arthur Firstenburg. The day before I saw Dr. Cowan’s newsletter, I had been planning on summarizing the same information to help us all understand that what we are seeing with the coronavirus is not a new scenario – so I’ll give you a summary of his longer letter.

Causal relationship? Pandemics and the Electrification of the Earth

  • The 1918 Spanish Flu pandemic started in the US at Naval bases and installations of the first high-intensity radar. The rapid growth of worldwide radar allowed the pandemic spread to be transmitted to remote places where it would have been impossible for people to have been infected by contact. It appeared on naval ships and ports all over the world, at identical times, proving the cause could not have been human-caused. Victims of the flu were dying of internal hemorrhaging which eventually will cause death. As early as 1779, primitive testing devices had shown a known side effect of exposure of human blood to intense electrical exposure reduced the coagulation property of blood, allowing for continued bleeding. The conclusion is that the EMF from the radar was carrying the virus worldwide.
  • 1956 flu pandemic coincided with the introduction of high-intensity radar installations of the coast of New York, Cape Cod and Alaska.
  • 1968 Hong Kong flu followed about 8 months after satellites were launched in the earth’s Van Allen radiation belt. Patients died of internal hemorrhages, not respiratory complications.

2019 Coronavirus – Right Here, Right Now.

We live in Oregon, which, as of March 9th, declared a state of emergency with Coronavirus cases exceeding 500 people. The Coronavirus is striking people worldwide- simultaneously – just like the other pandemics. Globally, there are more than 109,000 cases and 3,801 deaths, according to Johns Hopkins University. ALL the pandemics listed above are tied to increased use of various frequencies – from radar to satellites – and now – 5G. 5G appears to be the straw that broke the camel’s back when it comes to the spread of the Coronavirus.

An extremely intense rollout of 5G was launched initially in Wuhan City, China. Is it a coincidence that this is also where the coronavirus outbreak started? The 5G rollout on the ground was accompanied by thousands of radiation-emitting satellites launched in the ionosphere and stratosphere, producing large amounts of EMF radiation that can interact with the coronavirus once it is in the body.

So does this mean even if you don’t have 5g yet in your city, that you’re still being bombarded? We are URGING you to get protection from EMF radiation because you do not want your immune system to be taxed by any form of EMF radiation, whether it’s from your Smart Meter, WiFi, or new 5G in your city. Radiation is radiation, be it from any source.

What Happens to your body when it’s exposed to radiation? – Martin Pall, PhD

Dr. Cowan also references a summary paper from Martin Pall, Ph.D., who has described the exact mechanism by which 5G affects our bodies through a mechanism called voltage-gated calcium channels. The EMF interference allows a buildup of calcium in our cells, lowering free calcium levels in your blood. Blood calcium is required for proper coagulation pathways and without it, cellular death occurs, allowing for internal bleeding. As you read above, the cause of death in these pandemics was not related to respiratory failure, it was related to internal bleeding.

Over the past several years, Dr. Pall has published several papers detailing a number of studies in which EMF radiation is a co-factor in suppressing our immune system, particularly in response to viral infections, or, worse, it makes the viral infection more lethal. Cowan postulates that we are not dealing with a flu virus, we are dealing with the consequences of EMF radiation partnering with a viral infection to create flu that can result in death.

Coronavirus Protection

The Coronavirus has already created a mutation of itself in China that is more infectious and more deadly than the original virus. There are two main ways to protect yourself.

  • Lower your exposure to EMF radiation, which will .
  • Boost your own immune system.
  • Follow our Smart Body guidelines.

Lower your exposure

  • Get full body EMF protection that is strong enough to deflect and block EMF radiation from your body. We recommend the Level 3 BioElectric Shield, but you can also take the EMF Exposure Quiz which will recommend a level of protection for you or submit your photo/questionnaire for a Free Photo Analysis. We recommend this second option if you have any current health issues. Without full body protection, it’s like going out in sub-zero weather with no clothes on. You may not see radiation, but at high levels, it becomes lethal.
  • The Level 3 BioElectric Shield offers strong immune-boosting, EMF blocker protection. Because the Coronavirus is spreading worldwide, a Level 3 Shield is recommended because it is powerful enough to deal with 5G and other strong types of EMF radiation.
  • To be clear, the Shield does not stop the Coronavirus per se, rather, it protects you from EMF radiation and other draining energies that deplete your immune system. A strong immune system is one important key to staying healthy when we are exposed to viruses, now and in the future.
  • Turn your WiFi off at night: You can put your WiFi router on a timer so that it never runs at night. The time for the body to have “rest and recovery” is when we are sleeping. By eliminating EMF radiation at night, you allow your body to self-heal. Leaving it on means that your immune system has to repel the radiation all night long when it should be restoring you.
  • Put your phone in airplane mode as often as possible and always keep it out of the bedroom at night.
  • Use a hard-wired connection if you have a desk computer. If you need WiFi during the day, turn it off at night.
  • Clean up the dirty electricity in your home: Satic Filters reduce EMF radiation by virtually eliminating all dirty electricity from a home or workplace. This reduces the dirty electricity coming from the wiring, it doesn’t affect WiFi, cell towers, or other outside sources.

Boost your Immune System – Get Coronavirus “Body Smart”

The BioElectric Shield will offer increased protection for your immune system because it will be handling the EMF radiation your immune system must handle by itself until you are Shielded.

Read our Viral Flu Body Smart Suggestions in which we discuss supplements and other immune-boosting and safety protocols as the coronavirus travels around the world and in your own location. Cases already exist in our country, and the numbers are predicted to climb rapidly.

We want you to stay healthy. Call us if we can be of service to you. 541-201-8878.

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Reduce your exposure now with EMF Protection

The good news is that with nearly 30 years of experience we have a solid track record of providing effective, long-lasting protection that is able to offer energetic support, balancing and relief of many associated symptoms.

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