Cell Phones, Infinity Scarves and Your Thyroid – Cellphone Series #8

Picture of thyroid gladNew Dangers – Infinity Scarf Cell phone holder

Just when I thought our product choices couldn’t get any crazier, I heard about a new one today. Last year, we warned you not to put your cell phone in your bra. Your breasts and your Smartphone are NOT good companions.

But, there’s more.

One of our manufacturers called me this morning to update me on the latest craziness in the world of fashion. He said, “do you know what an infinity scarf is?”. “Yes, of course, I’m a woman, I know what they are! In fact, I even have contemplated getting one.”

“Well”, he says, “did you know you can now get the version where you can store your cell phone in the scarf?” I groaned. He continues by saying, “and of course, this means it will be placed inches from your thyroid gland!”

Is the thyroid gland all that important?

I don’t mean to be sarcastic here, but it’s tempting! The thyroid gland regulates your body metabolism! It affects your heart, digestion, brain development, mood, and bones.

Your thyroid gland is a critical part of your hormone system. Would you want to throw radiation at it for several hours a day? Not on your life. Up to 20 million people in the USA have some form of thyroid dysfunction, and many don’t even know it.

If you have issues with weight control, intolerance to cold, temperature regulation, irritability, dry skin, racing heartbeat, the thyroid may be the culprit. Adding a cell phone to this area of your body is asking for problems!

Have You read the Warnings inside Your Cell phone?

You may have heard this before, but, if you read the fine print on an iPhone, for example, it says: “To reduce exposure to RF energy, uses a hands-free option, such as a speakerphone…. Carry iPhone at least 5 millimeters away from your body to ensure exposure levels remain at or below the as tested levels.”

In Berkeley, Ca. the city council passed a “right to know” ordinance requiring the cell phone providers to put up signage about these guidelines. The wireless industry immediately files suit against the city council, stating the ordinance violated free speech rights by forcing retailers to share the information. Do you think the wireless industry cares about your health?

How do I handle radiation from my phone?

Happily, there are some excellent, inexpensive products that can block nearly all of the radiation from your phone. We love the SYB phone pouch. When you slip your phone in this pouch, fibers in the pouch block 99.9% of the radiation. If you use their earbuds, you can keep your phone in the pouch and use earbuds that have silicone tubing to bring the sound to your ear. This means no wires are used after the microphone part of the SYB earbuds, keeping the radiation away from your brain.

We also recommend the Aulterra EMF Neutralizers. Sometimes your phone is out of the pouch and you’re holding it in your hand. Even if you are using a speakerphone radiation is still coming your way! Place a sticker on the phone to greatly neutralize the radiation.

Don’t forget the importance of multi-layer protection

These pouches and the stickers help to reduce the EMF from the phone, but as you know, we highly recommend that you also wear a personal BioElectric Shield to protect not only from the cell phone, but the WiFi, Smart Meters, 5G, and all the other forms of radiation. Because of the density of exposure around you 24/7 we feel that this multi-layer effect will go far in protecting and safeguarding your overall health and well-being.

Note: If you already have one of these new scarves, use the pocket to hold credit cards, cash etc instead, just not your phone.

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