Cell Phone Radiation a Factor Behind Heart and Brain Tumors in Children

Cell phone radiation causing heart and brain tumors in childrenYou are inundated by cell phone radiation. It is no secret that the majority of Americans are connected to their cell phones at all times of the day.

The world is becoming more and more reliant on mobile technology.

New studies have shown that there are plenty of cordless phone health risks to be worried about.

In fact, cell phones, WiFi, and wireless phones emit radiation 24 hours a day.  Even when you are not using them.

Wireless radiation may cause heart and brain cancer in children

The National Toxicology Program has just released findings of a study showing that exposure to wireless radiation has a significant impact on the development of malignant heart and brain cancers in children. The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) has released a new recommendation for parents to protect children nationwide.

Keep Cell phone away from children

Ronald Melnick, a scientific adviser for the Environmental Health Trust, which works with the AAP, explains that cellphones emit harmful radiation rays and that they should be kept as far away as possible from children no matter their age. He believes that the less contact a child has with cell phones, the safer they will be.

“The penetration of the cell phone radiation into the brain of a child is deeper and greater,” he explains. “The developing nervous system of a child is potentially more susceptible to a damaging agent.”

Reduce Cell Phone Radiation – Texting is better than talking

If the child must use a mobile device, the AAP recommends texting. But if they make calls, the phone should be kept more than an inch away from their heads. These steps can reduce the amount of cell phone radiation absorption.

Manufacturers aren’t warning us of the dangers – we need to educate ourselves

A huge problem Melnick sees with cellphone use is that manufacturers are unable to guarantee that the amount of cell phone radiation a user absorbs is within a safe level. His coworker, Theodora Scarato is the Environmental Health Trust’s director of public policy and compares this to a harmful drug that is being knowingly administered to innocent children.

“If it were a drug it would be banned, or at least there would be a list of, ‘These side effects have been reported,’ or ‘We don’t really know what the long-term effect is,’” Scarato believes. “But we’re not really given any information, and little babies are given these phones.”

There are steps you can take to reduce your exposure

It is important to invest in cell phone radiation blockers for your family to protect against these harmful rays. Contact our professionals for recommendations for targeted device protection and

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