Celebrate Temporary Insanity Day on Tuesday February 19th

Temporary Insanity DayDid you know that twenty-five percent of people say their job is the primary stressor in their lives? Wow, one of the biggest causes of temporary insanity and stress is work and you spend a lot of time there. What is it about work that makes us all so crazy?

The Mayo Clinic says coping with stress is much easier when you identify your stress triggers, manage your time well, and take steps to curb burnout. They advise keeping a stress inventory. For a full week write down all the situations, events and people who cause you to have a negative or stressful reaction. Write down who was involved, where you were, what was going on, your response.

How did your frustration show up – anger, frustration, anxiety, upset stomach, headache etc.

A week of this should give you a much better idea of what/when/where/who is involved that is causing your-day to-day stress. Now pick one and work on it. Are there alternative ways you can deal with the situation? Look for ways you can set things up to help resolve things and reduce your stress.

Living in urban areas a lot of times the stress comes at the beginning of the day – the commute. Can you take the metro, bus, car pool, go in earlier and leave earlier, or if you’re not a morning person go in later?

I once worked at an office that had a clear policy – try your best to come in on time, but traffic happens, don’t ruin your day by being stressed, you’ll get here when you get here. Of course, if one made it a habit to always have traffic issue, then the request was made that you rethink the time you leave the house, or your route and make an effort to be on time more often. The day started off so much more peacefully though, when not completely stressed before the day even began.

Stress with Co-Workers May be more than just about personalities

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