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Silence erupts like a cacophony of sound.

Silence erupts like a cacophony of sound. You ask, how can that be? Silence is silence, isn’t it?

Stop and listen again, is it really silence. Not for me. When I am in silence I hear so much more than I do with my physical ears. The voices of people, the noise of traffic, the hum of electronics, motors, lawn mowers, garbage trucks, dog yaps all seem to fade away and what I hear is the cacophony of my own inner voice/voices all so happy that I’ve taken some time to be in stillness so that I can finally hear them clearly. I even hear my body saying, “At last, she’s here. She’s listening. How can I get her to understand what’s important for me/us/her?”

Voices bubble up, collide and recede.

I stop, I listen and allow the one that I long to hear to come forth. This is the voice of my soul, the wise voice that knows who I am, why I am, and what I am to do. The voices of my “shoulds” fall away. The voice I still hear that sounds like my mother criticizing, helping, sharing “for my own good” recedes, quiets and finally is silent. The voice of my boss, the voices of the news telling me all that I should be afraid of or angry about, the commercials urging me always to buy more and more so that I will be safe, beautiful, desirable, stylish and smart goes into the hush. I hear only that small quiet voice whispering, “All is well. Love is. I am.” I’m laughing now, I/she/we are singing Neil Diamonds’ song “I Am I Said” and the words touch me deeply.
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Life Affirming Intentions vs New Year’s Resolutions, How do you want to say Yes to Life?

There’s a lot this time of year about your New Year’s Resolutions, but think back, how often do you actually stick to those resolutions? Why not?

It could be that you are making resolutions that you think you Should make, not the ones you truly Want to make. That “should” thing can really get you tangled up because it’s not coming from your heart, it’s coming from a sense of guilt, obligation, fear, wanting to fit in, societal pressure… fill in the blanks.

If the changes you want to make come from outside of you, it’s no wonder that they don’t stick. They are just another example of how we “try to do the right thing” but it may not be “your right thing”. It may be that it conflicts with something else you want
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Is Dec. 21, 2012 the End of the World as We Know It?

2012 is not the endWe’ll still be here on Saturday, Dec. 22, 2012 but Friday is the end of the world as we know it.

Is the world ending? No. But the World as we know it is ending. It ends every single day. Every day is the beginning of a new world where some things are not the same as before. I personally think that’s a good thing. I wouldn’t want to be in a world where day after day after day everything stayed the same. Is it sometimes hard to keep up with it all? Definitely, but in some ways it keeps us on our toes, allows for new ideas to come in and change creates growth…that is if we don’t just hunker down in fear.

Just how long has the “End” been coming? Did you know the Roman’s predicted the end of the world in 634BC?
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Memorial Day – Traditional Meanings & Honoring Everyday Heroes

Memorial Day marks the beginning of summer in the US, and it’s traditionally a day of recognition of those who served our country and died in the effort. Large numbers of people, families and areas have broadened the scope to include honoring those who have fallen in the effort to protect our safety: Police, Firefighters, EMTs, volunteers, etc. as well as friends and family who have passed on.  Simply put, it’s a time to remember and honor all who are no longer with us, regardless of how or why they died.
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Nurse Appreciation Week May 6-12

Do you recall ever hurting yourself as a child and being sent to the school nurse? I didn’t have to go often, but the few times I did, I sure was grateful for the nurse. Back in 10th someone swung a bat and neglected to notice my head was in the path of the bat! Lots of blood…and a trip to the emergency room where a kind nurse comforted me until the doctor came to stitch my head. When my Dad was sick, the nurses were the ones who came to the rescue when he was confused or needed help. I’m sure all of us have many, many stories of nurses who have comforted family and friends – not to mention you.
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Oregano – Mountain of Joy

oregano health benefits

Oregano - Add a Mediterranean Touch to Your Dishes

Hello food lovers,

What you are looking at, above, is a photo of my oregano plant that has just been transplanted from a pot to a new herb bed in front of my home. Oregano is a great herb to grow in a pot (then you can take it inside during the winter), or right into the ground. Image cooking a nice tomato sauce and simply stepping outside to grab some fresh oregano. Chop it up…and voila…fresh flavor for your sauce.
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Mother’s Day – A Celebration of Motherhood and Peace

As I prepared to write about Mother’s Day, I found that I wanted to know more about how it came about. We’ve been researching various holidays lately and have been fascinated by the obscure, ridiculous, and sometimes comical days that have made it to the level of “national days of”. I found a long article speaking of the history throughout the ages and finally culminating in what we now celebrate as Mother’s Day. I hope you’ll find this interesting as well.

The practice of honoring Motherhood is rooted in antiquity and the rites often had strong symbolic and spiritual overtones, which celebration of goddesses and motherly symbols rather than actual mothers. The personal, human touch, to Mother’s Day is a relatively new celebration.
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Live an Empowered Life with Amazonite’s Gentle Power

Step into your own Gentle Power and break out of old habits or co-dependent relationships

Reach for Amazonite to support you in making new choices and feeling supported in the process. I have dubbed my Amazonite creations with names like Gentle Power. Some stones can have an “in your face” aspect to their power, but Amazonite is subtle, gentle and slowly works to strengthen your inner power and resolve. Have you been craving feeling powerful, and yet the very idea feels a little scary?

It may be that your idea of power is aggression. This is not at all the case with this gently powerful stone.
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Let’s Celebrate National Baby’s Day

Did you know there’s a National Baby’s Day?? I didn’t either until I started looking at a calendar that lists a National day of ??? for every day of the year. Some of them are pretty crazy and obviously started so someone could do a sale. Example, National Lumpy Rug Day. Yep, seriously, the point is to get you to throw out all your crappy rugs and go buy new ones.

I wonder if we can start a “National Protect Your Friends With a Shield Day”. Oh, probably not, and shouldn’t that be every day?

Back to National Baby’s Day – It’s May 2nd, and that same day is also Brothers and Sisters Day. I love that both of these are shortly before Mother’s Day. After all, we wouldn’t have any baby’s or brothers and sisters without mothers.
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The Benefits of Black Pepper

black pepper

The Benefits of Black Pepper

Black pepper has a surprising number of health benefits to it. Black pepper aids in your digestive process by stimulating your taste buds in a such a way that your stomach knows food is on the way, and it’s time for it to increase its production of hydrochloric acid. By doing so, your stomach will digest the food quickly and thoroughly. When food sits in your stomach when it should be moving along to the intestines, you end up with heartburn or indigestion! It also serves as a diuretic. Adding to these benefits, black pepper is also an antioxidant and anti-bacterial agent. The outer layer of the pepper stimulates the breakdown of fat cells, keeping you slim, while enhancing the taste of your food!
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