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Five Tips to Handle Dirty Electricity

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Dirty Electricity produces Electromagnetic Radiation. When you reduce or eliminate dirty electricity, you’re also reducing or eliminating electromagnetic radiation in your environment. You can lower EMF in 5 different ways.
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Valentine’s Day, Let’s celebrate love in all its forms!

Children stressed about valentine's giftValentine’s Day – Oh the anticipation! We decorated boxes with hearts, ribbons, glitter and other beautiful things, and put them on our desks, awaiting the delivery, hopefully, of valentines from our friends and admirers. Even as adults we often feel lonely and isolated because we either don’t have a sweetheart, or the one we do have doesn’t show their love the way we’d like.

Instead of thinking about all the unmet expectations and sense of isolation this holiday often brings about, you can use this as an opportunity to spread love. How can you make this day not just romantic love, but actual heartfelt compassion for others and yourself? Continue reading

What Utility Companies Hide about Smart Meters

bank-of-smart-meters-for-apt_400Smart Meters: The Utility Company Sales Pitch

If you have called your utility company about your Smart Meter, they will reassure you that data is only collected a few times per day. When asked if Smart Meters transmit RF (radio frequency) signals constantly, PG&E (Pacific Gas and Electric) told customers that they just transmit intermittently. In fact, in their FAQ’s, they stated the signal only lasted 2 to 20 milliseconds, totaling only 45 seconds a day for each meter. The rest of the time the meter is silent.

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Ted Talk about Wifi and electromagnetic illness

Wireless Wake Up Call from Engineer

Ted Talk about Wifi and electromagnetic illness

WiFi May Be Making You Sick

Jeromy Johnson. M.S., a Silicon Valley engineer, gave a wonderful TED talk about how WiFi and EMF are affecting more and more people every day. Here are some of the highlights of his talk. Click here to read article and watch video

Have you Read the Fine Print in Your Cell Phone Manual?

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Your Smart Meter Could Become a Supercomputer

Forbes Magazine recently published an article detailing the plan for using your smart meter as part of a supercomputer platform. Eric Frazier, co-founder of Hive Computing, Inc. has the idea that their technology could connect your smart meter to thousands of other smart meters for use as a supercomputer.

Your smart meter is essentially a cellphone that is only active about 1% of the time. Mr. Frazier proposes that the central processing unit in your meter could work as one cog in a supercomputer network that would out perform Amazon or Google by being used up to 12 hours each day.

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Landmark Screening for Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity (EHS) Developed

Tired Woman Bombarded by Electronic Devices

Research on EMF and Multiple Chemical Sensitivity is a Game Changer 

EHS Sufferers – Rejoice! Let us give thanks to an international team of researchers who have spent untold hours and thoughtful detective work to identify specific biomarkers in the blood that define and separate out 3 disabling conditions:

  • MCS (multiple chemical sensitivity)
  • EHS (electromagnetic sensitivity)
  • SRI (sensitivity-related illnesses).

The game has changed! It may be too soon to celebrate this awakening, but this puts EHS and MCS into the realm of hard science.

Growing numbers of people worldwide are reporting extremely disabling, multiorgan, non-specific symptoms after even small doses of electromagnetic radiation. How did the researchers unravel this mystery….  Continue reading

Death by Talking or Texting – A Story to Share with those you Love


The Dangers of Texting while Driving

The Accident

Imagine driving on a country road at 6 in the morning, texting a friend, and wham, the next thing you know, you’ve sideswiped another car. When you look in your rear view mirror you are horrified to see that this car was T-boned by a truck, and now 2 people are dead. You’re not sure it’s your fault. It was a drizzly morning, and maybe the other guy just drifted over to your lane. What the heck happened? You don’t really remember a thing. Continue reading

Why do doctors, therapists, coaches & healers wear and recommend the BioShield to their patients/clients?

Shield recommended by health professionals

Life Changes, Healing and Energy Work Go Better with a BioShield.

There’s a phenomenon that most people are unaware of that is making it extremely difficult for people to step beyond fear or to get clear about their lives, their emotions, even their own thoughts.

Actually the issue is two-fold. Electromagnetic radiation and the vibration of fear.

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Random Acts of Kindness Bring Back our Humanity.


Have you ever been touched by a random act of Kindness, the kind that comes unexpectedly from a stranger?

I have, and I still remember some of those moments that touched my heart. When I was a young mother with a husband in Vietnam and a very tight budget, I remember standing in line counting out pennies for a gallon of milk, when the checker smiled at me and said, “Keep your money, I’ll take care of it. Go home and enjoy that little one.” I left with tears in my eyes. At the time I was working retail and a few months later things were a little better and there was another young mother counting out coins to buy a pair of socks for her baby, I did the same thing and will never forget her smile back at me.
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Why are you charging so much for the BioShield? Can’t you make it cheaper?

Before we even begin to explain the pricing, we’d like to say that we are very proud that our Shields are handcrafted – one at a time, with a great deal of skill and intention. They are made in Montana, USA – not China, not India, not South America, not any place other than Montana. We respect work done by other countries, and at the same time, we want you to know that our BioElectric Shield will always be handcrafted by conscious, loving people in rural Montana.

SilverPriceChart11-13I received an email the other day from a woman who lost her Shield. She was upset because she originally paid $140 for her Silver/Brass Shield in 1998 and wanted to purchase a replacement for the same price.

When I explained that the cost of silver had increased, it was clear that she thought we were gouging and increasing prices simply because we could. I knew, of course, that wasn’t the case, but that prompted me to do a little research. Continue reading