Body Piercings Can Mess Up Your Energy Field

Photo of man with multiple piercings

Body Piercing is everywhere these days – and sometimes in some unexpected places.

I was in an airport recently and saw a woman with what must have been a naval piercing – she actually had what looked like about a 3″ arrow showing thru her very tight pink dress. I tried to get a photo, but alas, the lighting wasn’t good.

Okay, so that was an unusual case – but it’s not uncommon to see someone with their eyebrows and nose pierced and maybe even their tongue.

How and when did we start piercing our bodies?

Scholars found their first evidence of piercing of the ear in a mummy estimated to have lived 4,000-5,000 B.C. The Egyptian Pharaohs thought an earring at the navel would help the transition from life on Earth to eternity. In many cultures ody piercing was considered a sign of masculine courage. Roman warriors routinely pierced the nipples of their chest as a sign of manliness and loyalty to Caesar. Aztecs high priests as well as Mayan Shamans pierced the tongue as part of religious rituals.

One of the most popular piercing locations historically is the cartilage between the nostrils. The idea is that it gave the primitive people a look of fierceness, a look any warrior would want. Aztecs and Mayans believed that by piercing the ears that demons, who typically can enter a person via the ear opening, would be repulsed by the metal in the ear lobe.
During Elizabethan times, sailors pierced their ears to improve their eyesight. And, as insurance, if the body were thrown overboard at the coast, and washed ashore, the gold earring would pay for a Christian funeral! In the Victorian age, genital piercing of woman confirmed the virtue of the woman. In the 1960’s and 1970’s, it was simply another form of protesting the establishment.

Today, body piercing is seen as a way to express your individuality and/or else enhance sexual pleasure. Piercing is now a fashion trend and has gone far beyond the “protest the establishment” phase to self-expression along with tattoos which we’ll cover in another post. The largest popularity is among the student population.

The bad news is that any piercing can affect the energy flow in your body and seriously screw it up. (The same is true of any scars you might have)

Healthpointe Acupuncture and Wellness Clinic says there are 2 issues with piercings.

1. Scar tissue that can form and may interfere with the flow of qi along the acupuncture meridian. An acupuncture treatment can restore the flow. Your BioElectric Shield will also work with your acupuncture meridians (see The Shield and Acupuncture Research) to restore normal flow.

2. The second issue is that metal jewelry, especially in piercings can conduct qi or electromagnetic energy in a way that may negatively impact your health.  One way to address this would be to use an inert material – stone, porcelain, wood, etc. They will not conduct electromagnetic fields and will not produce this potentially negative effect. You can also wear a Shield to deal with this part of the issue.

The American Acupuncture website cautions against viral infections. This seems like the most important issue involved with piercings. There is no set of health standards for how piercings are done, and if the needle used has come into contact with anyone with hepatitis B, C, and AIDS, the virus CAN be transferred to you. You also may experience bleeding, infection, tooth damage, bacterial or viral infections from the procedure. Last, but not least, you may end up having a reaction to the metal that is now inserted into your body.

If you do get a body piercing, or body art, including a tattoo, your BioElectric Shield will assist in restoring your meridian flow. Piercing your body is a medical procedure. Please choose wisely when selecting who will pierce your body!


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