Block EMF To Boost Your Immune System all Night

Block EMF boost immune system

Electromagnetic Radiation Exposure Depletes Your Immune System

We’re “Live Wires” – A Day at the Beach

Humans are “electromagnetic” beings. We know how to see, hear, think and move because we all have a network of electrical impulses constantly traveling throughout our body. Our skins cells are a perfect example of how electromagnetic impulses can affect us. UV rays are an electromagnetic frequency that is positive – life giving – unless you get too much of it! When your day at the beach went on too long, your skin your skin gets red and hot! This is your immune system at work! There are specific nerve endings that get triggered to show the redness, pain, and inflammation from too much UV light radiation.

Cell reactions to UV Radiation and EMF Radiation are Similar

Two studies, one with humans and another with rats, showed identical skin and mast cell reactions to 2 different kinds of electromagnetic radiation. In the first study, (Johansson et all, 1994), human volunteers were exposed to TV and computer screen. In the second study ((Johansson et all, 2001) rats were exposed to low-frequency EMF fields.

In both studies, the immune system reacted strongly. The skin and mast cells that typically react to anything they consider damaging, including radioactivity, X-rays and UV light, all showed increased activity after exposure to those radiations.

4 Tips – How to Protect Your Immune System at Night

  1. Turn off your WiFi at night – By putting your WiFi on an electric time (a simple lamp timer will work), you can program the timer to shut off the electricity to your WiFi at 9 or 10 pm at night and come back on at 5 or 6 am in the morning. How you set your timer depends on your personal schedule, but having it off at night when you are sleeping will allow for deeper, healthier sleep.
  2. Does your bed have a metal frame? Change it to wood as soon as you can. Metal picks up electromagnetic radiation since it’s a good conductor of electricity.
  3. Keep Your Bedroom Clear of Electronics  – Any electronic device, particular a tablet or cell phone will be emitting EMF. At night, your body is supposed to be in the rest and recovery mode, but if it’s being bombarded by EMF, this function is severely compromised.
  4. Where is your bedroom in relation to your electric panel? If possible, choose a bedroom far away from your electric panel or any large appliance (refrigerator, heat pump, TV). All of these emit EMF. Keeping your bed far away from these will reduce the EMF your immune system must deal with all night long.

Bonus Tip
Do you wear metal frame glasses? This isn’t a night time suggestion….but we’re adding it anyway!
If you aren’t feeling the same “getup and go” you used to have, you might be considered changing your glasses to a plastic frame. Metal attracts EMF, and your glasses may be forcing your immune system to work long and hard all day, leaving you more tired that you need to be at the end of the day.

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