Peace of Mind, Protection and Balance by BioElectric Shield

2 cats, one peaceful, one scaredy peace of mind

You may not know it, but what we’re really selling is peace of mind. The BioElectric Shield protects and balances your energy so you’re not impacted by the electronics and negativity around you.

Energy Protection & Balance

When your energy is protected and balanced your mind is more at ease. When you don’t have to worry so much about the electronics, WiFi, cell phone etc all around you can turn your focus to other areas of your life and health. Plus since the BioShield helps reduce brain fog and increase mental clarity, you’re able to make better decisions more easily.

It’s inauguration day – and I don’t know if you realize this, but there is a lot of energy surrounding the changeover; some positive, some negative, some people are really scared and freaked out. All this can have an impact on you. This isn’t just true of HSPs (Highly Sensitive People) we are all impacted to one degree or another by the events in our world.

Bounce Back

The Shield won’t change how you feel about Trump (for or against) but it may help how you react to everything. One of the things customers tell me frequently that even if something negative or scary happens to them, they are able to bounce back and let the stress of their reactions go more quickly.

Peace of Mind

The Shield can help you be more present and aware of your own thoughts and feelings. But most of all it truly provides peace of mind in many areas.

  • Energy Protection – EMF and other people’s energy
  • Easier Decisions
  • Mental clarity
  • Stress Reduction
  • Focus for those with ADD/ADHD
  • Use Cell phone, tablet, computer with confidence
  • Less worry during pregnancy

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