Bad Idea #2 Letting your Baby play with an iPhone or iPad

Bad Idea 2 - don't let baby play with smart phoneFisher Price, so well known for their exceptional children’s toys, now has  iPhone and iPad protectors for babies…put the iPhone or iPad in and let them play with the apps!!! Fisher Price even has free apps.

Personally, on first glance, this could be considered is pretty cool as a learning device for your baby. But as a former pediatric Occupational Therapist, I need to say “WHOA!”

Here’s the BIG issue with these toys. Let’s talk more about the EMF exposure.  Your baby’s brain absorbs more radiation by far. Researchers are linking EMF pollution from cell-phones, computers, Wi-Fi and other electronics with Autism, ADD, ADHD and Aspergers, emotional issues and, down the road, possibly even brain cancer.

If your sweet baby or grand baby plays with these kinds of toys, you can take some steps to protect them.

Note: this applies to ALL Cellphones, tablets and computers, not just iPhones

Put a WaveShield Slim on the iPhone, or a WaveShield Oval anywhere on the iPad and radiation will be significantly reduced. You can also spray the screen with EMF reducing spray, and/or get protective pads or cases to reduce radiation. Click here to see options.

Another defense against radiation is a Room Shield in the media room, bedroom or other rooms where they spend time.

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