Bad Idea #1 Put your Cell Phone in Your Bra (or your pocket)

Bad Idea #1 Put your Cell Phone in Your Bra (or your pocket)
Some days I must say, I am completely flabbergasted by people’s bad ideas. But I shouldn’t be, after all they’ve made a lot of TV shows highlighting the stupidity of criminals, drivers and various other ways people can prove that they left their brains at home. Hey, I’m not saying I think most people are idiots…but there are exceptions.

Okay, so maybe most people don’t know as much about EMF radiation from cell phones as we do. They probably don’t even realize that these are such bad ideas…that’s why we’re here to give you the heads-up.

We love you. We want you to enjoy your life, be healthy, be focused and do everything you want to do. We want your kids to be healthy as well. If we can help that process a little bit by helping you be protected from EMF, then we feel like we’ve made a difference.

Okay, so you don’t have pockets, but you’ve got a bra. What could be more convenient? You may even know it’s a bad idea, but you do it anyway. You might rethink that after watching this video with Dr. Devra Davis, founder of the Environmental Health Trust and author of “Disconnect” a book all about the dangers of cell-phones.

Bad Idea #1A Buying a Cell-phone-Holster Bra.

Bad_Idea_#1a_CellPhone_holster_braActually buying it’s okay if it’s as a joke, but actually using it for anything other than a really safe place for your passport and credit cards is a bad idea.

I sure can’t see a way that it would work in any circumstance as a cell-phone holder, if you actually plan to answer your phone. Can you just imagine being at a board meeting and answering your phone…oh wait, if you’re at a board meeting you shouldn’t be answering your phone anyway.

Keep trying to imagine this…you’re in line at Starbucks. Your phone rings. You reach deep into the neckline of your top, go in under your left armpit and pull out your phone….Really?

And that’s not even talking about the health issues, lack of focus and other problems including cancer that the cell-phone can cause.

I am almost afraid to post this for fear that someone will NOT read this and think I’m saying it’s a good idea. LADIES, IT’S A BAD, BAD IDEA.

Men, you’re not off the hook either. We know where you put your phone. Your pocket is just as bad. Do you really want that phone next to your sperm producing parts? Probably not after you read this. You put it in your shirt pocket?….hmmm…did you know men can get breast cancer?

Okay, so I get it, you need your phone nearby. What can you do?

Keep it near you, but not on your body. Another line of protection is to wear a BioElectric Shield which will protect you from the cell-phone, the Wi-Fi, the computers and all the other sources of electromagnetic pollution bombarding you.

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  • Put a WaveShield on your phone and you’ll reduce your risk considerably.
  • Use the EMF Spray on your phone front and back.
  • Order a PongCase or the new HaraPad Armband.

Most importantly….Don’t wear your phone in your bra or your pockets!

PS – men a phone in your pocket can reduce sperm count.



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