Back to School Coping Skills to Help, You, the Teacher

Stress-Teachertips Teaching is Stressful!
What Can You Do to De-stress?

Teachers don’t get a lot of credit for all that they do and some studies have shown that teaching is one of the most stressful jobs out there and can lead to emotional issues or depression.

Organization and Planning – A lot of the organizational preparation above for the kids or parents will be a big help for you as well.

Get some Energetic Help with a BioElectric Shield – Feedback from teachers has been that a Shield makes a huge difference in both their physical and emotional energy.

“My energy level has increased. It is more balanced. I laugh a lot more and am empowered to let go of a lot of aggravation. I am more balanced in my attention. Jet lag was near non – existent. Confrontations and anxiety were at the lowest level I can remember. “  C. Anderson, teacher

Emotional Stress from others – Are you sometimes overwhelmed or triggered by the energy or emotions or your students, or even the other faculty members? I frequently hear from my teaching friends that dealing with other staff and administration is the most stressful part of their job. A personal BioShield can help you here too, as it deflects a lot of that energy away from you, and helps to re-balance your energy, greatly reducing your stress levels. The additional bonus is that the EMF deflection it does also helps your energy level and focus.

Kids bouncing off the Walls? – Do you have a class that is overly emotional or active, or has difficulty focusing? Since you obviously can’t buy a Shield for each child you can help reduce the effects of the EMF from the WiFi, cell phones, computers and other equipment by hanging a Room Shield in an inconspicuous place. The Room Shield will neutralize both the EMF and emotional stress in the room allowing everyone to be just a little bit calmer and more focused. That has just got to help your day along.

Work Space – Set up a well-organized work-space that is all yours. Even if you have a busy household, it will help you focus and be more efficient if you have a designated work space with everything you need at hand.

Eating well – Cooking dinner after a long day of school, while grading papers can often be one of those things that gets shoved aside, as you opt instead for a high cal, high fat, high carb quickie. Do yourself a favor and pre-plan some quick, healthy meals.

Cook with Friends – Is cooking one of your least favorite things to do? Spice it up a bit with help and companionship. Some of my single, and married friends are getting together once or twice a month, planning several meals, shopping for ingredients, then getting together to spend an afternoon cooking together. At the end of the day, each person has at least 2 easy, healthy meals per week that they can pop in the freezer and re-heat for dinner.

Exercise and stress reduction – What exercise plan do you have for releasing stress at the end of the day? Can you walk with another teacher – or get up 30 minutes earlier each morning to stretch or walk? Can you take even a few minutes during lunch break to get outside and shake off a little stress? No time to walk? Take just a few minutes to sit quietly, take some deep breaths and think about something happy

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