Autism Rates Continue Dramatic Spike Upwards as Technology Prevalence Does the Same

emf dangers autism ratesWhile it’s true that correlation does not necessarily determine causation, it can be a good indication of a contributing factor. The world is filled with more technology, radio towers, and electronic devices today than ever before. The rates of disorders such as autism have never been higher either. Whether you want to believe these things are coincidental or not is up to you, but denying the facts can be a dangerous game.

Autism rates increased 30% in just two years

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), approximately one out of every 68 children was found to have an autism spectrum disorder (ASD) in 2014. That number is a 30% increase from just two years when the number was one out of 88. Exact numbers for 2016 have yet to be released, but estimates based on a governmental survey from last year found that the number is probably closer to one in 45 now.

This information begs the question: what’s changed in the world we live?

Is it possible, or even conceivable, that these rates are now rising at such a rapid pace for no other reason than coincidence? Common sense would seem to suggest no. New diseases or viruses developed from mosquitoes or other animals that somehow manage to cross to humans are not uncommon, but autism is a developmental disability caused by brain abnormalities, not a bacterial infection or virus strand.

Cell Phones, Tablet, WiFiand laptop use has increased during the same time period

One thing we do know is that during this time the amount of electromagnetic fields, or EMF dangers from things like laptop radiation effects, cordless phone radiation, and other potential EMF dangers has increased as well. The prevalence of cell towers in communities near schools, day cares, and other places children frequent means that children are now exposed to about 1,000 times the amount of EMF dangers on a regular basis than even existed 20 or 25 years ago.

In fact, more than 190 scientists from 40 countries called on the U.N. and the World Health Organization (WHO) for greater protection against non-ionizing radiation just last year.
According to one 2012 study, chronic EMF exposure created physiological stress in cells even after just one and a half years.

EMF protection can protect your family from EMF dangers

Technology is here to stay. There’s no changing that, but there are ways to make everyday life safer for you and your children. Investing in products like the BioElectric Shield can protect you and your children from EMF dangers that may, or may not have a direct effect on disorders like autism down the road.

As with anything in life, chances are the increase in autism rates is due to a number of factors, but the constant barrage of EMF dangers expectant mothers and young children are constantly exposed to certainly seems to have a legitimate claim to a lot of it.

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