Autism, Heavy Metal Toxicity and Electromagnetic Radiation – Is there a Connection?

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Most of us either know someone who either has a child with autism, Asperger’s syndrome or related developmental disorders, or who has it themselves. The younger you are, the greater your chances of know several individuals in this category. There has been a 60 fold increase in incidences of autism, Asperger’s syndrome or related developmental disorders since the 1970’s.

WHY these numbers are soaring?

Causes of autism?

Lots of causes have been promoted in the media – vaccines is a big one, toxicity is less well known, and last but not least – there is the EMF connection. Dr. George Carlo, in 2007 decided to look at the toxicity/EMF connection. He knew that nearly everyone who lives on this planet absorbs heavy metals through the air we breathe, water we drink, food and environmental products that transfer the substance from the product to the human.

Some countries create massive amounts of airborne pollution. Most of us don’t even think about the fact that all air FLIES all over the globe via the jet streams. If you live in the United States, did you suspect you are breathing air that originated anywhere in the world- including China, Russia, India? This means that if coal-fired power plant in China is producing fumes which include lead particles, people who live in the pristine mountains of Colorado will eventually breathe that lead-laced air! It gives new meaning to global unity, and it’s not necessarily a happy feeling when viewed from this perspective.

Vaccines also expose children to mercury, an exceptionally toxic substance for the brain. (It basically kills any brain cells it comes into contact with.) Additionally, any silver filling in the mouth will expose the brain to mercury, as well as eating fish high in mercury content.

What they learned in their study

In their study, they wanted to test the concept that electromagnetic radiation greatly hampers the body’s ability to shed heavy metals. All the children were given a special diet and set of supplements known to encourage detoxification. Prior to eliminating EMF, they took measurements of how effective this regime was in a “normal” setting. By normal, this included the presence of cell phones and WiFi.

What they discovered was that if they eliminated all forms of electromagnetic radiation by controlling the environment, the 20 children in the study, were much more easily able to dump toxins. To read the study, please visit this link.

How you might help someone with the autism spectrum disorder?

Please share this blog post with them, and invite them to call Virginia Brown (541-201-8878) or email Virginia, who is a retired pediatric Occupational Therapist. She will explain how the BioElectric Shield might help them or their child. Additionally, she will direct them to someone who can explain a simple way (drops or a spray) to help detoxify their child or themselves.

We now have specialty Shields to help balance out some of the symptoms of ASD and protect from EMF at the same time.

Life is a team sport….we might make a big difference to the life of a person and their family by sharing this information.

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