Are You Properly Protecting Yourself Against Radiation?

emf protection blocker pendantOdds are, at some point you have heard about the dangers of radiation in various magnitudes. It’s likely that you’ve focused mostly on large quantities of radiation, and only focused on the danger of that. But stop to consider how long each day you spend around technology.

It’s likely that in this day and age, you can barely remember the last time you weren’t at least in the room with a piece of technology. Most people are glued to their phones, work on laptops, and relax by watching TV.

But all of this exposure can add up into a quite terrifying list of health risks. Read on for some of the dangers, as well as how you can protect yourself.

There are numerous effects on our bodies with prolonged exposure to radiation. In fact, just 1.5 years of chronic exposure causes physiological damage.

EMF dangers are rarely talked about unless something major happens, and even then, coverage is minimal and often treated as a one-time occurrence. However, with more cell towers being placed on campuses with young people, we have reason to worry. This rise in placement means that children are being exposed to 1,000 times higher RF exposure than children 20-25 years ago. This exposure is dangerous, because this isn’t the only place children are exposed. Smart phones, laptops, televisions, microwaves, etc. are also sources of radiation. As early as 2007, it was found that public health regulations were not enough to keep the public safe, and they should have been strengthened years ago.

The good thing is, EMF protection is getting easier to come by as the issue is more talked about. Things such as cell phone radiation blockers and laptop radiation shields make it safer to use technology. An EMF shield is another, more general option of protection. Given the health risks of EMF exposure, shields are becoming increasingly sought-after.

Will you be investing in EMF protection? What do you think about the dangers we face involving radiation?

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