Are You Going with the Flow, or Trying to Push the River?

Are you trying to push the river?Does your life feel like a huge, never-ending struggle? Maybe you are trying the Push the River.

There are times when you can accomplish so much more by just allowing the flow rather than “trying to make it happen”.

Yes, you need to take action to create things in your life, but sometimes you just try too hard and create more resistance.

I had a dream once. I was in the river, and was just letting it gently take me along as it flowed. It felt so good to just relax into it. My brother came up alongside me and he was running in the river, panting and really struggling. The funny thing was he was sooo very stressed and working extremely hard and wasn’t making much headway for all the hard work. I just lay back and allowed myself to be floated along…and I was ahead of him all the way. Even when we got to rapids, I just kind of floated thru missing the rocks, he had to jump and scramble and fell in a few times and came up battered and bruised.

When it feels like I’m trying to push the river, I remember this dream and allow myself to relax into the flow and almost always things even out and the thing that I’d been working so hard on just kind of unfolds and I don’t feel battered and bruised at the end.

We often just keep pushing, trying to fulfill everything on our list all the expectations of everyone in our lives. Ask yourself, does it really have to be done? What would happen if you let a few things go? Would you maybe enjoy your life more, have less stress, and more time to spend with those you love – maybe even get more done?

It’s especially important to allow more flow in your life if you’re a highly sensitive person, it’s easy to be overwhelmed. Acknowledge your need for more quiet, less struggle and enjoy the flow of your life.

If you’re trying to push the river, take a minute and allow the flow. Let me know what happens for you, I’d love to hear your stories.

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