Are you being sucked under by the raging current?

Kayaker about to be swamped

Do you feel like you’re about to be swamped?

“The only way for me, as an individual, to resist is to hold on to who I am amidst all of the forces that want to turn me into something else.” This statement jumped out at me from Janet Smith Warfield’s recent blog post  nd I knew I needed to write about this from the perspective of an HSP.

Sometimes it is immensely difficult, even impossible, to resist the forces that seem to take you from solid ground into the midst of the raging current. It’s easy to get pulled into the chaos and forget the truth and strength of who you are.

Did you know that part of the reason it can be so difficult is that you are being influenced by the thoughts, fears and beliefs of others – the raging current is made up of their fears and negativity and can swamp even the strongest of us. If you are an empath or highly sensitive person, you are more energetically influenced by those factors and may even feel like you are losing yourself. Take our HSP quiz for information on how you rank in six areas of sensitivity AND gets tips to make your life easier.

Janet shared some valuable lessons learned during her troubled time. But what if you keep learning the lesson over and over again and yet seem to keep getting pulled off center, sometimes even to the point that you cannot seem to find the ground under you?

Calm Waters

Did you know that wearing a Shield can help you stay focused in your truth? You might need a little help energetically to help you find the inner strength that is you – to help you stay strong.

Which Shield should you choose?
I get asked this question a lot by empaths and HSP’s (highly sensitive people), “Well gosh, since I’m sensitive I must need the most expensive Shield you’ve got.” This is not true. Strongest isn’t always best – especially when you extremely sensitive. We are here to help you find the Shield that is best for your energy needs – in most cases that is a Level 2 or Level 3 Shield*. Call us and let us suggest the Shield we feel will serve you best. We also offer a free photo analysis.

Here’s what one Shield wearer had to say “Brought down to physical by the vibration of my essence. I have the feeling of my true self and being able to stand up for myself in everyday life situations.”  Ania Golda

Ask me more about how the Shield can make a difference for you – it certainly has for me. [email protected]

*Read about how you can “Trade-Up to a stronger Shield at a later time.

The difference in my energy level and mood is remarkable. I am less stressed by personalities at work. I even get more personal space in the subway! That old computer fatigue is a thing of the past. My Mother recently passed away after a long illness. I felt the Shield helped me stay more centered in the hubbub at the hospital so I could be more fully with her. These last few weeks have been an emotional time, yet somehow the Shield made me feel more secure and protected. I have been able to feel more fully the sorrow and the joys of my life without the worry of what a vulnerable emotional state can attract in a city like New York.”
Andrea G., New York


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