Are Weather, Politics & the World Affecting You and your well-being?

Weather impact


Weather and The State of the World can have a Negative Impact on You – leaving you tired, headachy and out-of sorts.

Many people have told us that they think they may be affected by the current political climate or other events around the world are affecting their nervous systems causing them to feel fearful and anxious, irritable, foggy brained, or even tired and depressed. You don’t need to be and HSP (Highly Sensitive Person or Empath) to feel some of the effects, especially when things are intense, we are all made up of energy and are affected in many subtle ways by what’s around us.

What do people say after they take our Quiz

What we’ve been hearing from people who’ve taken our HSP Sensitivity quiz is that they are able to more clearly see what’s triggering them on a daily basis and take steps to protect themselves, find more balance or reduce the amount of stimuli in their lives. A number of people have called or emailed to comment on triggers or areas of sensitivity that we haven’t covered.

Acknowledging what’s yours

Personally, I find it immensely helpful to simply know and acknowledge that everything I’m feeling may not be mine, but simply my reaction to the state of the world. The BioShield does help me to release these energies and stay more balanced. I’m not going to go into a lot of detail about this because we’ve covered it extensively in Fear and the Highly Sensitive Person, the increasing impact of fear on your life.

We are part of nature, and technology can affect us and throw us off balance

In our advanced, technological society we often forget that we are a part of nature. We are biological beings and are affected in myriad ways. Admittedly, science hasn’t spent much time proving that weather sensitivity exists. Just like EMF sensitivity, many people find that their doctors dismiss their concerns, sometimes even suggesting they have mental problems. Science is slowing catching onto what many have known for decades – air pressure, temperature, and humidity can dramatically affect our bodies, moods, and nervous systems.

Weather, Politics and Chaos can all have an impact

Weather can have a lot of impact on how we feel. Drops in barometric pressure and changes in temperature or humidity have been shown in many people to cause a variety of symptoms, including;

1. Joint pain, arthritis, inflammation – you may feel a need to reach for ice, an ace bandage, or the aspirin.
2. Irritability
3. Anxiety
4. Fatigue, depression, listlessness
5. Mood swings
6. Sleep disorders
7. Heart and circulation irregularities
8. Brain-fog – Difficulty thinking or concentrating
9. Headaches; including migraines, pressure and sinus headaches
10. Sinus issues, breathing problems and asthma
11. Nausea or dizziness
12. Colds – while there aren’t more cold viruses just because it’s cold outside, the cold air, and changes in pressure can affect your bronchial tubes and lungs.
13. Sleepiness and SAD – Reduced light can cause symptoms ranging from afternoon sleepiness to feeling a little down, and even cause extreme depression or SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder)
14. Conversely, we often feel happier and more energetic when the sun is out
The above is only addressing one part of the weather phenomenon – our local weather. Symptoms may actually begin a day or two before the change.

You may be surprised to know that weather around the planet can actually have an effect on you. Many people who took our HSP quiz called or emailed to tell us that we didn’t global weather issues. Many say they are affected by hurricanes on the other side of the world, earthquakes in far off countries and other extreme weather conditions.
The problem may be two-fold.

1. The earth is a living organism and large changes or shifts even on the other side of the planet may affect energy patterns closer to home
2. If you’re an HSP or empath, you may also be reacting to or “picking up” the emotions of those who are being directly affected.

In “How the Weather Affects Your Health”  Manfred Kaiser states that “Some scientists take a different approach in their quest to solve the puzzle. They believe that electromagnetic impulses have an effect on our well-being. Natural electromagnetism, strong enough to cause weather sensitivity, is present in lightning-induced atmospherics (sferics) and charged particles (ions).

What can you do?

Personally, I’ve found it helpful to simply acknowledge that these factors may be causing a shift in how I’m feeling. By doing so, I can quit trying to figure it out, solve the problem, find the cause etc, and can allow myself and my body to deal with these changes in its own way.
Some experts state that because we spend so much time in climate-controlled buildings, our systems are losing their ability to cope with weather stress. Their advice, expose yourself to the elements. Spend more time outdoors, in all kinds of weather, not just on sunny days.

Wear your BioShield. The Shield can help simply because you aren’t as much at the mercy of changing electromagnetic impulses and your system is more balanced.

The Shield probably cannot cure your weather reactions, but can perhaps help you deal with them with less difficulty. If part of your problem is other people’s reactions – then the Shield helps to reduce that impact as well.

When you are affected by outside forces, your aura or energy field can become clogged or clouded over. The BioShield can help your energy be strong and clear, in effect it clears the clouds away.

Imagine not feeling as triggered by the news

Just imagine how helpful this can be in parts of your life. Imagine watching the presidential debates and not feeling as triggered. Okay, I admit I still end up yelling at the screen, but I don’t feel the level of fear, anger or angst about it as is being reported by my non-Shield wearing friends. The difference is I’m not feeling the energy of either the speakers or the millions of people watching and reacting.

EMF Protection is doubly important for HSPs

Wearing a Shield also has the advantage in that it is an energy and EMF blocking pendant, deflecting the electromagnetic radiation from our technology. Many HSPs and empaths are also extremely impacted physically, mentally, and/or emotionally by the EMF frequencies and benefit tremendously from the balancing and protection.

Since 1990 we’ve been helping people protect themselves from harmful or draining energies. As we talk to people, we are constantly reminded of how unique we all are. There are some similarities in people’s stories, but often some surprising differences. The wide variety of responses to stimuli and energy make it impossible to give pat “one-size-fits-all” answers to questions.

Thus we have 4 distinct levels of EMF Blocker BioElectric Shields, as well as specialty Shields for ADD/ADHD, Autism Spectrum, HIV and we even make customized Shields.

With all these variations, how can you know what’s really affecting you and how best to protect yourself?

If you haven’t already taken it, start off with our HSP Sensitivity Quiz – Most quizzes about being an HSP or Empath simply tell you “Yes, you’re sensitive”. While that’s interesting, it’s not particularly helpful. Our quiz scores your reactions in six areas of sensitivity. We will follow-up by sending you tips and information to assist you in balancing your energy as well as even helping you see that you may even have some unexpected gifts.


Take Our Quizzes to Learn More about EMF and Personal Energy Protection

P.S. If you or your children have ADD/ADHD, SPD, ASD, we encourage you to take the quiz for them. Many of these kids are sensitive to EMF and it can make their symptoms worse.

Many people who are sensitive to other energies – people, crowds, public places also have a sensitivity to EMF. Sometimes these people are known as HSP, Highly Sensitive People. It’s estimated that 1 in 5 people have this special awareness.

We are fortunate to have a professional quiz designer who has worked with us to create another quiz for the Highly Sensitive Person. Feel free to take both quizzes. Thousands of people have already done so, and shared that the information was quite useful to them. If you finish each quiz and click through to the site, you’ll receive even more information!

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Is your time with electronics affecting you?

  • Are you using WiFi at home?
  • Is your WiFi on at night?
  • Do you use electronics on a daily basis?
  • Do you carry a cell phone with you most of the time?
  • Do you ever feel tired after hours on a computer?

Based on your answers, you’ll find out what type of EMF blocker protection you need.

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Do you notice energy from other people, places and situations that others don’t?

  • Are you sometimes overwhelmed by other people’s energy?
  • Are crowds and parties not your favorite activity?
  • If so, you may also be sensitive to energy AND sensitive to WiFi and other sources of EMF

You will learn about how sensitive you are in six energy subtypes. You’ll get tips in each of the six areas on how to make your life smoother and easier.

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