Are Negative People Destroying Your Health and Well-Being? Series #1

Negative people, energy, hsp, emf protectionScience is finally catching up to what Empaths and HSPs already know – negative people are toxic. Is it time for a detox?

Recent studies shine a light on the fact that prolonged “people stress” can affect your DNA and your immune system. But as I stated in “Is a Black Cloud of Negativity Sucking up All Your light?” you don’t have to be super sensitive to be affected.

Don’t hang out with people who drain you emotionally

Dr. Izabella Wentz works with patients suffering from thyroid conditions. She recommends to her patients that they simply don’t spend time with toxic people – those who are difficult or stressful to be around. Being with toxic people can undo all the good you’ve done thru proper eating, exercise, etc and can actually exacerbate health conditions of all kinds.

Did you know you can “catch” a bad mood from negative people?

Have you had days like where you just can’t figure out why your mood and energy suddenly changed?

You are feeling fine, even great. Then you call, email or spend time with someone who is depressed, angry, negative or a drama queen. Suddenly you are exhausted and possibly depressed, anxious or even angry.

You have been slimed; emotionally polluted by their negative or stressed out energy. The strength of their bad vibes has affected your own mood and energy levels.

How do you tell who’s toxic?

Toxic people seem to constantly have negative things to say about life, circumstances and other people. They complain, complain, complain. Or they simply sigh a lot and look put upon.

They often have stories to tell of disasters, wrongs done to them, or the injustice in the world. These Drama Queens can be very toxic. With them, it’s Always something. They never seem to have something positive to share. In fact, they are often so negative, stressed or into their drama that you feel you can’t even share the good things going on in your life.

Energy Vampires are alive and well

Pay attention to how you feel. If you were feeling pretty good physically and or mentally and that has changed after an encounter, then your energy has most likely been polluted. (Encounters can be by phone, email, FaceBook, text, etc, in addition to face-to-face)

Your mood can change dramatically. You can walk away with headaches or other physical aches and pains that you hadn’t been experiencing before. You may be completely zapped of energy…it’s like it’s simply run out. It probably has, right into their energy field – most negative people are energy vampires. They get recharged as you run down. You leave exhausted and possibly depressed and they feel so much better and energized.

Fight-or-Flight and Adrenal Fatigue

Your fight-or-flight responses are activated when you are impacted by negative people. Your adrenals release adrenaline and cortisol to give you the energy to run away from danger…but in this case, there’s no action to be taken and your energy drains out. Repeated encounters weaken your adrenals and interfere with the proper lease of cortisol causing health issues. The system that was designed to keep you safe, is now causing you bodily harm.

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