Adrenal Fatigue & Overwhelm. Why it is happening to you?

dog with Adrenal fatigueWhy Are You Overwhelmed, Exhausted and Stressed?

If you’re an HSP (highly sensitive person) or empath you are at greater risk of adrenal fatigue, insomnia and exhaustion. Although this happens to many people at different times, it seems to be a state of chronic fatigue for many HSPs and empaths.

You may be eating right, exercising, taking your vitamins and healthy supplements and doing everything you can to be healthy….and yet, you feel run down, stressed and completely exhausted. You may even wake up tired. Aren’t you supposed to feel good when you work this hard to be healthy?

What’s getting to you?

You feel the impact of everything and everyone around you; EMF (electromagnetic radiation), other people’s stress and negativity, even the fear in the world today. Your adrenals are on hyper alert, constantly flooding your bloodstream with adrenaline to keep you going. You may even find it hard to relax and let go, often resulting in sleepless nights, anxiety, worry and tension.

Adrenal Fatigue not just for the Highly Sensitive.

You don’t have to be super sensitive these days to be overwhelmed by the constant bombardment of energy, information, videos, images, WiFi everywhere, computers, negative news and the stresses of your daily life. Adrenal Fatigue used to be relatively rare – but things have changed and it’s becoming an all too common issue.

Coffee anyone? Chocolate?

If you are reaching for caffeine or craving sweets or food with refined salt or sugar, this may be a signal that you are experiencing adrenal fatigue. These foods may give you that needed boost, temporarily, but in truth this isn’t helpful and can make the issue worse, creating a vicious cycle.

Magic Bullets for you.

Give yourself the gift of alone time to recharge. You need this time by yourself to recharge your batteries. Pay attention to how you’re feeling and learn what your ideal level of “people time” is. Give yourself permission to cancel commitments as needed. (Note – this can even apply to people you love to be with, or activities you enjoy.)

Protect your Energy from energy drains such as other people and electromagnetic radiation. The BioElectric Shield can be an important part of protecting and strengthening your energy field.

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The EMF Quiz assesses your EMF exposure and will recommend a Shield level for you.

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