Wireless Wake Up Call from Engineer

Jeromy Johnson. M.S., a Silicon Valley engineer, gave a wonderful TED talk about how WiFi and EMF are affecting more and more people every day. Here are some of the highlights of his talk. Click here to read article and watch video Have you Read the Fine Print in Your Cell Phone Manual?


BIOINITIATIVE REPORT FINDS LINKS BETWEEN EMF RADIATION, CANCER, AND OTHER HEALTH PROBLEMS Scientists Band Together to Tell the World about EMF Dangers In 2012, 29 scientists updated the 2007 BioInitiative Report, which covers the biological effects of: electromagnetic fields from power lines, electrical wiring, appliances, and hand-held devices wireless technology from cell and cordless phones, […]

5G Networks – Everything You Will Want to Know – WiFi Series#3

5G Networks – Everything You Will Want to Know What is a 5G Network? 5G is the next generation of wireless. 1G allowed us to use cellphones. 2G allowed for texting. 3G allowed internet access. 4G sped up our connections be it phone, text or internet. But, the 4G network is just about maxed out. […]

Smart Meters Trigger Mysterious Symptoms – Smart Meter Series #3

Smart Meter Series – Message #3 Smart Meters Trigger Mysterious Symptoms Are you experiencing any strange or unusual symptoms of dis-ease in your body? Are you having more difficulty staying on task and focused? Symptoms of dis-ease sometimes seem to appear out of nowhere. Have you had a Smart Meter installed recently?  You may be […]

5 EMF Laptop Safety Tips for Using Your Laptop, Tablet or Phone

Today, entertainment is no farther than a tablet or phone. Games, email and other internet sites will amuse us for hours. The only, and it’s a big ONLY, DOWNSIDE is that all of these devices are emitting large amounts of EMF – electromagnetic radiation. Many doctors are now recommending EMF Blockers and other steps to […]

Study Reveals EMF causes pain in amputees

New Study From UT Dallas Reveals Effects EMFs Have On Amputees

Unlike some of the general population, the folks at BioElectric Shield are well-aware of electromagnetic fields (EMFs) and the potential EMF dangers associated. As technology improves and new studies are being done, we’re learning more about ways to block EMF, as well as the benefits of EMF protection.

W.H.O. Takes a Stance on Electrohypersensitivity and Multiple Chemical Sensitivity

EHS and MCS are no longer “all in your head” – they are real disease conditions, says World Health Organization On September 5, 2015, a one-page press release from the World Health Organization (WHO) called for the recognition of EMS: electrohypersensitivity as well as MCS: multiple chemical sensitivity to be recognized as 2 new REAL […]