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wifi radiationOne of the most sinister dangers to our health may be lurking in every office, every coffee shop, and virtually every home across America. And we can’t even see it. It’s WiFi Radiation.

Wireless Internet signals from WiFi devices may be convenient, but they might also be damaging our health in unprecedented ways. According to a recent report from New Vision, dozens of scientific studies have been conducted since WiFi’s introduction to the public that all point to the same result: serious EMF dangers as a result of WiFi radiation.

Here are seven key takeaways from the article about the high EMF side effects that may result from ubiquitous WiFi radiation and laptop radiation:

  1. Fosters Insomnia: A 2007 study suggests that even low amounts of EMF exposure can disrupt brain wave patterns and make it more difficult to fall asleep at night.
  2. Stunts Cell Growth: Students in Denmark conducted an experiment on their plants, growing some near wireless routers and some free from WiFi radiation effects. The plants closest to the WiFi didn’t grow at all — confirming past results that EMF can harm cells at exposure rates one billion times lower than conventional heating.
  3. Impairs Fertility: It’s well documented that laptop use can kill sperm in men, but it also might affect a female egg’s ability to implant and be fertilized, too.
  4. Provokes Heart Trouble: Individuals exposed to cell phone levels of EMF under test conditions experienced real physical changes, including an increased heart rate similar to that usually experienced during times of stress.
  5. Developmental Damage: Multiple studies have produced results suggesting that EMF and WiFi radiation may harm fetal development. Some animal studies also suggest that it might impede kidney development and protein synthesis in the body.
  6. Slows Brain Processes: A study conducted just last year found that people exposed to 4G wireless signals showed less brain activity than their peers.
  7. Links to Cancer: Though it’s difficult to find conclusive results in any kind of human cancer study, more and more evidence is mounting to suggest that EMF may cause cancer of various kinds, including possible brain and breast cancers.

It’s hard to limit your public WiFi exposure when it’s such a prime feature of so many of the buildings and businesses around you.

There are measures you can take to protect children and family members from unnecessary exposure inside your home.

Turn off the WiFi — and invest in some EMF protection shields for yourself and every room in your home.

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