7 Tips to De-stress Your Holidays – Holiday Survival Series #1

7 Tips to De Stress HolidaysSimple tips to help you enjoy your holidays with less stress and end the year with ease. A few changes can benefit HSP’s, Empaths, and everyone else as well.

This time of year tends to bring out the best and the worst for many people and can be especially trying to HSP’s and empaths.

The Holidays, weather, politics, planetary changes, reduced light, EMF radiation from our technology, smart meters, WiFi, other people’s fear and stress…these are all factors that can affect you in myriad ways.

You’re not alone if you’ve been more stressed, spaced out, overwhelmed, experiencing strange physical issues, feeling extra emotional or just out of sorts for the last few months.

Because we are all connected, you can often feel the anxiety depression or fears not only of those around you but friends, family even strangers around the world. Watching the news seems to heighten this.

Tips for now and throughout the year to reduce stress

1. Set realistic goals – do the things that really need to be done.

2. Don’t take it all personally
The people around you may also be reacting to the stress.
Wearing a Shield can help with this as well.

3. Are all the emotions you’re feeling really yours? 
Take a moment to center and ask if what you’re feeling is yours. If not, take a deep breath
and let it go. Heck, take a deep breath anyway. Oftentimes just realizing that we are feeling someone else’s emotions is enough to shift your mood.

4. Do what you love! Let go of the rest of the “must do” list where possible.
If you Love to bake – bake. if not, that’s what the bakery is for.
If you enjoy shopping – head for the mall.
Hate shopping? If it makes you feel anxious or overwhelmed or you  Just feel it’s another big chore? Shop online, send cards, or find another way to celebrate.

5. Party invitations – there are some you pretty much Have to go to.
As for the rest; go to the ones that you will enjoy, be with people you like being with. If you don’t Have to be there and don’t look forward to it, send your regrets.

Here’s a little bonus tip – don’t say “maybe” if you aren’t sure you’ll be going…maybe means you still have to revisit the situation and give your true answer. You can say “Sorry, I don’t think that will work for me. Is it okay to let you know if something changes?” This is a way of not feeling guilty for just saying NO, and seriously how can someone argue with “it won’t work for me”. Extra bonus – you don’t have to give an explanation or an excuse. Keep it simple.

6. Take care of yourself – give yourself the personal time and space you need.

7. The number one line of defense is to wear your Shield  It’ll help you stay more centered and focused AND deflect the stress of those around you.

8. Bonus Tip – Travel can be exhausting and stressful – whether you’re driving, flying or taking the bus or train there are things you can do to reduce the stress  –
Click here to read our tips for travel.

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Have a happy, healthy and sane holiday!

Want More Tips?

Every year we write an article or two with tips for the holidays. These tips are good now and throughout the year. Do a search in our blog and main website for “holiday”

And, did I mention….Wear Your Shield!

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