5 Common Household Culprits That Have Links to Cancer

wifi radiation links to cancer

It seems that cancer risks are everywhere. We all know that small appliances, WiFi radiation, and cordless phones can emit harmful electromagnetic fields that can damage our bodies, but there are some sneaky culprits around that the average American may not know about that have all been shown to have links to cancer. In fact, the typical American home is actually teeming with potentially cancer-causing items.

Here are some common culprits that you can find around your home that can possibly cause cancer and other illnesses.

Laundry Detergent

One active ingredient in some common laundry detergent brands is 1,4-dioxane, which helps to remove stains. Of course, it’s also been known to cause liver failure and nasal tumors in rats. Choose an environmentally friendly cleaner for your family instead, as they tend to have healthier, less cancerous ingredients.

Wifi and other sources of Electromagnetic Radiation have links to Cancer

There are plenty of alarming WiFi radiation effects that have been known to possibly cause the following:

  1. Insomnia.
  2. Hindered child development.
  3. Decreased cell growth.
  4. Decreased sperm count: In a 2012 study concerning WiFi radiation protection, four hours of WiFi exposure resulted in decreased sperm viability.
  5. Negatively affected brain function.

Some experts explain that if you are concerned about radiation from WiFi in your home, make sure to stay at least five meters away from your wireless router at all times.
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These containers and cups are not biodegradable and contain the chemical styrene, which can potentially generate a chemical change to your DNA. To prevent the exposure, use reusable cups instead of styrofoam and make sure to never put containers made of styrofoam in the microwave; this can only increase styrene side effects.

Cell phones

Cell phones emit radiofrequency waves at all times, and human tissues close to phones can easily absorb this non-ionizing radiation. This absorption leads to the heating of our tissues, which then can cause abnormalities and defects. Concerned mobile phone users can always limit their exposure by having shorter phone calls, using a landline phone, or utilizing a headset where the phone is nowhere near your body. Reduce your exposure – read Our Ultimate Cell Phone Guide

Brown rice

Some studies have shown that brown rice has more toxins in it that its white counterpart, which can be a problem as the arsenic in brown rice can badly damage a human’s DNA repair system. However, brown rice enthusiasts can rinse the rice before cooking to wash away the danger. You can also use more water during boiling.

These common cancer-causing culprits and warning signs are not meant to be used instead of a doctor’s advice. As always, if you have some concerns about radiation in your household, contact a doctor right away.

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