What Does Freedom Mean to You?

Independence Day is supposed to be all about Freedom. That message gets lost frequently in the fireworks and the picnics. Freedom means many things to many people, for some it’s just the freedom to speak their mind, worship in the faith of their choice, make a living doing what they love, or just to be able to walk down the street without fear. Freedom has many aspects and even if I spent an hour writing about them, they still wouldn’t be all that meaningful to you, because they may not be speaking to the freedom that you crave in your life?

“What does freedom mean to you?” I’m not just talking our Bill of Rights type freedoms; I’m talking about personal freedom.

To me,  freedom is a personal sense of feeling empowered to live and make choices in ways that feed our soul and align with your purpose.

Are there areas in your life where you feel constricted, shrink-wrapped or less than? Are you living from other people’s expectations or fears? Have you taken on the roles that were written for you by default. Do you find joy in each day? Are you clinging to the last threads, expectations and protocols of a learned way of making a living and “supporting” your family?

Do you speak and live from your heart? Or are you struggling to find more meaning and life in your life? Do you find it difficult to even know what’s in your own heart and mind?

Why is it so difficult to shift out of those roles and move into an authentic expression of who we truly are meant to be? There is an inherent energy in our culture, and in most cultures, that say that it’s important to stay in the role you were given and that our very survival is at stake. Well, that all comes from caveman days when that was true. If each member of the group didn’t perform their responsibilities, they were all in danger. Guess what? That’s not true any longer. We’ve developed a society in which all those duties are dispersed and in which we are actually refreshed and nourished by those who step outside of the lines and provide new ideas and model new ways of being and living for our consideration.

Whether you know it or not, you are influenced by the thoughts and fears of not only those around you, but those in your city, state, country, even around the world. As our world “shrinks” and we connect more and more thru the airwaves, we are impacted more by the negativity and fear that surround us and often inform our choices. Trying to break the mold may seem insurmountable.

We don’t talk about this often, but one of the things we love most about the Shield is that it assists you in stepping out of the blanket of fear and stifling energies and beliefs that are keeping you stuck.

What would your life look and feel like if you felt a “space” around you that was calm, loving and supportive and could make choices and decisions from that empowered feeling? Can you imagine a life in which you no longer feel the same overwhelming pressure to remain the same, to do as you’re told or as suggested for “your own good”, of course? What if you truly felt and heard your own guidance in your body and your mind? Would your life change in any way?

I believe so. Actually I know so from personal experience. When I first got a Shield I was able to stand firm in my knowing of what was right for me in ways that rather surprised me at first. Decisions got easier. I found that I quickly became much more positive and able to hang onto my sense that life was good much more easily. Your shifts may be less dramatic than mine, or perhaps even more so. I just had a call from a woman who said that for the first time since she was a child she was able to pray and really feel connected to God. Why? The Shield clears out all the “static” allow you to be able to connect to yourself and spirit in a more meaningful way.

A great source of inspiration for me is “Our Greatest Fear” by Marianne Williamson, I know this is a poem you’ve undoubtedly read many times.

As we are liberated from our own fear,
Our presence automatically liberates others.

Use this as call to step forth into your own empowered life, liberated from fear and old ideas of who you are meant to be.

If you need a further boost, watch this video and feel uplifted and inspired.

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Happy Independence Day

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