3 Small Appliances That Produce Big EMFs

small appliancesYou may think that only large appliances like television sets and refrigerators could possibly produce enough electromagnetic field strength to have any kind of effect on your health and your home. But in fact, powerful EMFs radiate from the numerous small appliances around your house, your office, and even your favorite lunch spot every day.

Here are three small appliances around your house or work that could be producing big EMF dangers.

  1. Computers
    Laptops and tablets are ubiquitous in both office and educational settings today. But while they’re amazing technological devices for learning and sharing, they might not be doing us many favors, health-wise. The amount of laptop radiation emitted during just four hours of WiFi-connected use may result in decreased sperm counts, according to one 2012 study.
  2. Phones
    Cell phones and cordless phones are emitting radiation 24 hours a day — even when they’re not being used. The more we’re on our phones, the greater our likely exposure to EMF — and those usage rates seem to be increasing every year. Even older populations are experiencing the effects of cell phone radiation: in a national study, people aged 81 to 91 reported more headaches, sleep difficulties, neurological problems, and concentration issues after just short-term GSM exposure. (Get Phone protection)
  3. Microwaves
    While modern microwave ovens are specially designed to contain EMFs, that’s not a guarantee that those radio waves aren’t leaking from a faulty machine or transmitting through the food you cook. Practice EMF safety by limiting your microwave oven use; opt for traditional cooking techniques instead.

The good news is that you don’t have to be a hermit or a Luddite to protect yourself from EMFs. Bioelectric shields and EMF blockers placed throughout your home and on your person through wearable EMF protection jewelry can be an effective way to ensure that even your daily use of small appliances, computers, and cell phones won’t further tax the health of you or your loved ones at home.

It’s never too late to get protected. For a secure future, learn how to block EMF today. The more we learn about the potentially damaging effects of modern technology, the more we can do to keep ourselves both safe and productive.

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