3 Safety Tips to Protect Your Family From EMF Dangers

EMF DangersElectromagnetic Frequencies are damaging us more than we might’ve thought. Because technology is used at significantly higher rates than ever before, no matter where you might go, you and your children are at risk of being affected by EMF fields 24/7. Microwaves, phones, vehicles, stereos, computers, and other electronic devices could all present EMF dangers, causing dangerous bioeffects in your body, especially dangerous for children and seniors.
That’s why as parents and homeowners, it’s our responsibility to provide proper EMF protection throughout the home and teach EMF safety and awareness to our children. Here are a few tips to ensure EMF protection in your life.

EMF Protection for Electronics
Using a Bioelectric Shield for home EMF shielding is a great way to protect your family (especially children) from getting harmed from electronic devices.

Bioeffects can actually occur in the first few moments after only moderate use of a cordless or cellular phone. It’s essential that you should unplug all your electronics while they are not in use. When these devices are constantly plugged in, not only do they waste significant amounts of energy, but they emit much higher EMF levels that can pose serious threats to your family. Unplug everything, including the microwave, printer, coffee pot, curling iron, and anything else that might be emitting dangerous EMF rays.

Keep Your Kids Away From Electronics
Kids nowadays use too much electronics anyways so it’ll do them some good to spend the majority of their time not using cellphones, videogames, and other forms of technology. Studies show links between EMF and ADD/ADHD, behavioral problems, even sensory processing disorders and autism spectrum. EMF protection can alleviate or even eliminate some of these problems.

By enforcing a strict no electronics policy for your children, you’ll be greatly improving their chances of not being damaged by EMF radiation. You’re not out of the EMF woods just yet, however. You have to make sure that your home’s WiFi boxes, routers, breakers, and electronic lines are as far away as can be to fully ensure safety from EMF dangers.

WiFi Tips: if you keep a WiFi router in your home, install it as far away from your children’s bedrooms as possible! We also recommend putting it on a timer so it’s turned off at night.

Be Aware of Lighting
Even the lights in your home can emit EMF rays. Make sure you aren’t installing low-voltage fluorescent tubes, halogen lights, or compact fluorescent lights. These lighting systems produce and emit dangerous EMF levels and create so-called dirty electricity, which is high-frequency radiation that stems from your home’s wiring.

If you want to learn more about how to protect your family from EMF dangers, contact BioElectric Shield today. Because unlike our government and corporate oligarchs, we take EMF dangers and safety seriously.

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