3 Reasons to Invest In an EMF Shielding Fabric Rinse

emf shielding fabric

Electromagnetic field protection — or EMF protection — for electronics is becoming more and more important as the amount of radiation from increasing amounts of technology continues to rise. Luckily, you can purchase products like EMF shields to guard against EMF radiation. Chronic EMF exposure produced physiological stress in cells even after just one and a half years, according to one 2012 study

Wearing a BioElectric Shield should be your first and most important line of defense, because it balances and protects your entire body. The fabric rinse is a good additional protection if you have high levels of EMF exposure or are extremely EMF Sensitive.

BioElectric Shield specializes in a variety of products that can help protect you from these potentially dangerous elements. One of the items offered is the AegisGuard LL Radiation Shield Fabric Rinse. This is an EMF shielding fabric rinse that can be used on clothing and other fabrics to give you the added protection you need. Here are three reasons you should think about investing today.

  1. Supports Bioelectric Shield: As previously mentioned, one of the ways to block EMF is through Bioelectric Shields. By themselves, they’ll provide you good protection, but if you’re interested in eliminating as many harmful rays as possible, adding this EMF shielding fabric rinse will do just that. A shield can only block so much, and is focused on the parts of your body it directly touches. By adding layers of protection to the clothes you wear, you can decrease the chance of being affected.
  2. Easy and Convenient to Use: EMF shielding fabric rinse is applied directly to the clothes or fabric you want simply by adding it to the rinse water during the regular washing process. One pound of the rinse will last for 20 loads of laundry!
  3. Versatility: It’s not just clothing that this rinse can be applied to. It can be applied to bed sheets, canopies, curtains, towels, and virtually all other fabrics. Even new, smart clothing can be safely rinsed. No matter where or when you go someplace in the world, you’ll most likely be wearing clothes. So why not do so with the additional protection this EMF shielding fabric rinse will provide you?

EMF can harm cells at levels a billion times lower than conventional heating and with cell phones, bioeffects can occur in just a few minutes of use. As more and more EMF radiation is emitted into our airwaves, steps like this will only become that much more valuable.

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