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Are You Gambling with Your Health? 5G Crisis Summit Update

5G Crisis Summit– Dr. Klinghardt Speaks About Autism and Alzheimer’s

Photo of stethoscope and gambling tableAre We Gambling with our Health?

Dr. Klinghardt feels that the use of WiFi has led to the biggest health crisis the human race has ever had to deal with. The increase in WiFi exposure and frequencies has led to the increasing prevalence of sleep disorders, ADD, ADHD, autism, Alzheimer’s, Lyme disease, and a host of other health issues including mental health issues such as anxiety.

For those of you who were not able to listen to the many excellent talks on this summit, we will be giving you a quick summary of the main points of some of the more important talks. In this blog, we’ll talk about Autism and Alzheimer’s Disease as it relates to the many different wireless signals that blanket our globe.

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Why EMF Radiation Safety Day? Participate – Sweepstakes

EMF Radiation Safety Day

We have partnered with R. Blank from SYB (Shield Your Body) and Wavewall for EMF Radiation Safety Day on September 22nd, the birthdate of Michael Faraday. He invented the first electric motor, and in 1836 created the Faraday Cage to block electromagnetic radiation.

This goes to show you, that even in the very beginning of the use of technology, scientists knew that it presented a danger to the human body.

Why EMF Radiation Safety Day

The goals of this day are:

  1. To bring awareness to EMF radiation, which is a force that a growing number of people are concerned about, but often do not understand.
  2. To empower people to take control over their exposure to EMF radiation.

There is ample reason to be concerned about the ever-growing proliferation and bombardment from the very technology that we love. With WiFi everywhere, Smart Meters and now 5G networks, there are very few places on the planet in which we can escape from the energy waves surrounding us. It’s unlikely that any of this technology is going away – so the question is “How can you be safe and balanced in the midst of it?”

And best of all, you don’t have to buy anything or spend any money to celebrate this holiday!

Understand your level of exposure – risk

First, you need to understand the amount of exposure/risk you are facing. Take our EMF Quiz to get an idea of your possible level of risk – and get a recommendation for protection. You may not know exactly how much radiation is coming from each device, but you will have a better idea of the sources of EMF in your life.

How can you be safe and balanced in the midst of it?

Enter Sweepstakes with over $1,000 in prizes

EMF Radiation Safety Day is all about raising awareness of how to live healthier in balance with modern technology.

That’s why 3 top companies in EMF protection have partnered to offer you 13 amazing chances to win some of our best-selling EMF protection gear– over $1000 in prizes!

Prizes from SYB – Shield Your Body, BioElectric Shield and Wavewall include:

Winners will be chosen on September 23rd and informed by email.