10 Ways to Stop 5G – We don’t want to be guinea pigs

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10 Steps to Stop 5G

Dr. Martin Pall came to our area recently and spoke to us about the dangers of 5G. His information was hair-raising. There are people who are comparing the assault of 5G on our modern civilization to similar times in history where bullies ran over thousands and even millions of their own fellow citizens. Think Stalin, Hitler, PolPot… you know the list. We can’t wait until the installers are at the foot of our driveways and ask them to stop the installation. It will be too late by then. Action is needed NOW.

What can we do to stop the Telecommunications Industry from forcing 5G on us?

The Center for Electrosmog Prevention wrote an excellent article, citing 10 steps we can take to stop 5G. .I’m going to summarize the points in an excellent article and then provide a link for at the end of this blog.  This will give you the highlights and then you can decide if you want to read their entire, well-written article with many support links!

Step 1: Learn about 5G

Trees Being Cut down to prepare for 5G networks

Trees Cleared for 5G

5G is a new technology that employs small cell towers that will be attached located very close to your home, in streets and in public buildings in the near future, unless we stop their installation. Because little to no research has been done on this frequency band, we are human guinea pigs. Our US government is on board to fast-track 5G installation all over this country. Our company has been receiving calls from people who are already being affected by having 5G in their neighborhood.

Because 5G cannot travel through buildings or trees, thousands of trees beside highways are being cut down to all for clear signals to be available while people are on highways (see photo). We have also seen photos of a dead bee that was in the direct line of a 5G pulse. We have no idea how it will affect wildlife.

And, oh by the way, have you seen the 15-minute video of what happened to an entire neighborhood in South Korea after 5G was installed? It’s hard to find any reference of it on the internet, but the brave man who found it shows both the urban deforestation and the South Korea post-5G.

Step 2: Write to your elected officials

All of them! Your mayor, city council, your county supervisors. Matt Landman is a young man who is appearing frequently in his California town with a 3-minute message about why 5G should not be forced on him or his neighbors. He is calm, well-informed… and persuasive. A good role model for anyone of you who are willing to speak up.

Step 3: Share What You Learn

With everyone you know. In this case, it’s what people don’t know that will hurt them. Possibly kill them. Am I being dramatic? Perhaps, but perhaps not. There is a reason that the World Health Organization finally recommended that EMF radiation be classified as a possible known carcinogen. They had to add “possible” to their statement, but for the man who had a brain tumor develop within millimeters of where he held his phone to his ear for 10 years, the court decided the link was irrefutable. Send them a link to this blog if they are willing to learn more.

Step 4: Go to City or County Meetings

Most city councils are discussing 5G or wireless ordinances. Find out if they have to comply with federal mandates for 5G. Speak at the meetings. Present your information without drama. Focus on the facts. As soon as people get emotional, the content of what they are saying is dismissed as “over-reacting”.

Step 5: Talk to the Media

Does your city have a newspaper? You can write a letter to the editor. If you decide to take this on, you can call local media and then move up to the county, state, and national reporters. 5G is a hot topic. IF you are informed, the reporters will be interested in what you have to say. You can also meet with and/or form a local group. Find the calmest, most articulate person in your group and then support them in having interviews with the media. Your group or you individually can post on social media.

Step 6: Advertise

You or your group can take out an ad in a local paper. You may just wish to advertise or post a notice that a group forming to stop 5G is forming, and invite them to a meeting.

Step 7: Object Small-Cell Installation

If you hear of a small-cell installation near your home, local schools, libraries, or hospitals, object to the installation. Many people have stopped Smart Meter installation by simply saying no. It’s not going to be hard to object to these small-cells being installed around children, sick people – or you!

Step 8: Boycott 5G products

This includes Smart cars or Smart cities. The industry tells us we need faster speed. We don’t. They say we need “driverless cars”. We don’t.

Step 9: Take Legal Action

If anyone in your family has a medical condition that might be aggravated by RF radiation, speak with your doctor to get support for not installing it anywhere in your community. It’s not enough to just block installation around your home if your entire town has 5G everywhere.

Step 10: Join the Center for Electrosmog Prevention.

Follow this link to the Center for Electrosmog Prevention.

To read the original, excellent, longer article, please go to the State of the Nation article on this subject

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