Audio Testimonials of EMF Pendant
BioElectric Shield

Customers Speak about the benefits of wearing a BioElectric Shield for EMF protection, increased calm and focus and a happier day!

Occasionally we ask customers to record what is different in their lives now that they wear the BioElectric Shield. Nearly all the examples include people who work around computers, WiFi, and sometimes stressful situations. In listening to them, we were able to related to all of them! Maybe this will be true for you too!

Denise works in a busy retail outlet in a mall, complete with crowds, flourescent lights, cell phones and computerized registers!

Christine works in a busy hospital administrative setting, a great recipe for dealing with stress and lots of electromagnetic radiation. She wears a Level 3 Shield, and upgraded to a Level 4.

Alberta is an artist, sensitive to EMF and other people’s energy. She wears a Level 3 Shield.

Will is an Internal Health and Longevity expert, and CEO of Orawellness.com. Dr. Brown and I used to take QiGong classes from he and his wife, and they were wonderful classes. His experience of the Shield is very interesting! He wears a Level 3 Shield.

Cristin’s naturopath recommended she try the Shield because she had ringing in her ears when she used a mobile or portable phone and tingling in her hands when she used a computer! She wears a Level 3 Shield.

Gail works in a busy, emf-filled office in the financial industry in a busy East Coast brokerage firm. She has a Level 4 custom Shield.

Virginia Brown, the founder of the company, describes the difference she felt in wearing 3 different Shields, Level 2,3 and 4.

Pam Hoeppner, author of The Breast Stays Put talks about her experience of the Shield, and why he thinks it’s not a luxury item.

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