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Your Shield has helped you and now you want to share with others? Why not get paid for your time! Friends helping friends. Clinicians helping patients. It's personal this way. Sign-up is free. 

  • With our affiliate program you can offer a discount to friends and family - and make commissions - all at the same time.
  • No inventory to stock
  • Commissions are based on the annual total number of Shields purchased/sold either by you directly or by those using your special affiliate link.
  • To maintain your status as an affiliate, you must place 2 orders per year.
  • You can offer them our 90-Day Money Back Guarantee!
  • Users report less stress, improved focus, more energy, less affected by other people and a general sense of well-being.
  • Read Why Health Professional, Healers, Therapists, Coaches and other Wear and Recommend the Shield


If you are signing up for the affiliate program to get discounts for your famiily, there is an easier route to take! If you are buying Shields for your family get our Automatic Per Order Volume Discounts: 2-3 Shields 15% discount; 4 or more Shields 20% discount.


Please allow 2-3 business days for set-up.

PLEASE USE the same EMAIL ADDRESS when ordering, signing up as an affiliate, or corresponding with us. 

Click Here to sign up at our affiliate site
. A note about signing up. On the form there is a box that says Affiliate ID. Simply choose your name or your business name (no spaces or hypens) as your affiliate ID. Your affiliate ID is case sensitive, so using lowecase for your ID is the best idea. This name will appear as part of a unique web address you give to your prospects.

Affiliate ID Example: would be the address that you would use if you were Norah Jones. Because this address is case sensitive, we recommend using only lowercase letters for your affiliate ID.

Once you sign up, please allow 2 business days for your account to become active. You will receive a welcome letter from us. This means that you are an active affiliate and can login to our site and see the affiliate menu (which is hidden to retail customers). This area contains a welcome video (please watch - it's short!), downloads, tips and tutorials.



We do offer traditional wholesale accounts for established businesses.

  • Distributors can stock product; take orders directly and have us drop ship; or give your customers links so they can order directly from our website using YOUR special url link.
  • If you're a storefront business, please send a photo of your store and include your EIN or SS on the affiliate application form (which is secure).
  • If you're web-based please, sign up as an affiliate and provide us with a link to your website.  
  • Once we've confirmed that you have a viable business, we will set up your wholesale account.  
  • The minimum opening is 6 Shields, with at least one in each of the first 3 levels.
    • Please call if you would like recommendations on which Shields are the best sellers in each group.
  • All payments are due at time of order, via credit card or PayPal.  We do not offer terms.
  • Please feel free to email us if you have any questions This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call us (541) 201-8878.


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  • Increased focus
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