Join our Affiliate Program - Earn money helping others!



If you wear a Shield, you are eligible to join our Affiliate Program.

Affiliates all wear their own Bioelectric Shield and speak to others based on their own experience of wearing a Shield. Please make sure you have worn your own Shield for at least 3 months before you sign up for the affiliate program.

If you wear a BioElectric Shield and want to share this technology with friends or co-workers, the affiliate program is perfect for you. By simply sharing an individualized link you will earn a commission on Shield sales.

We are not a multi-level marketing company.  This is a simple system to let you share something important with friends, family, etc, and get rewarded.

If you simply want to get discounts on purchases, sign up for our newsletter and get our specials, or call us for per order volume discounts.




  • If you have not ordered a personal BioElectric Shield (Level 2 or higher), you are not eligible for this program.
  • Share the Shield with others by using your affiliate link and letting customers order directly from us.
  • Use your link on your website, blogs, emails, newsletter or social media.
  • Hand out brochures with your link and contact info.
  • We will pay you a 15% commission on the net Shield purchase after the 90-Day Money Back Guarantee period has passed.


Sign up: Click on this link to Sign Up for the Affiliate Program. This takes you to an online form where you will enter your contact information and choose your affiliate ID.

  1. Do you own and wear a BioElectric Shield? This is the first requirement for joining our program?
  2. Choose your affiliate ID (identification) during sign-up: Choose your name or your business name (no spaces, periods or hyphens) as your affiliate ID. Your affiliate ID is case sensitive; When you choose an affiliate identification (Affiliate ID), please make sure you use ONLY lower case letters and/or numbers. This ID will appear as part of a unique web address you give to your prospects.
    1. Affiliate ID Example: would be the address that you would use if you were Norah Jones. If you were Dr. Jones, you might use drjones (no period) 
  3. Form Completion
    1. Parent affiliate - leave blank – if someone referred you just let us know via email.
    2. New Affiliate URL – leave blank
    3. FEIN or Social Security –
      1. Must be filled in if you live in the USA. Your account will not be approved until we have this information. We are required to send 1099’s for all commissions over $600 a year.
        1. If you don’t want to fill in online – please download and complete the W-9 form and email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 
      2. If you do not live in the US – just type in something with 9 digits 555-55-5555 is fine.
    4. E-Mail address/username (this is how you will log-in to your account)
      1. Please be consistent and use the same address here as you are using to place orders and for our newsletter.
  4. Approval – We look at each application and will manually approve it.
    1. We will email you when your account is “live” and ready to share.
    2. Save the email you get as it has important information that you will want to refer to.
  5. Start Sharing your link 
    1. You can share your unique link via email, social media, newsletter, brochure, or even links on your own website or blog. Our system tracks your sales. 
    2. Once you join the program, you can login to our main site as an affiliate and access tutorials which explain how to share links, speak to others about the Shield, and many other useful articles for any affiliate.
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