The Shield Offers you Full Body Protection that Blocks EMF and Other Energy Drains

WiFi, Smartphones, Laptops, Tablets and other EMF-producing electronics drain you. Other people's negativity and stress are equally debilitating. Bring the fun back into your life!
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Would you say that your energy is a key factor in your well-being?
Most people say "yes!".

Would you like your energy protected, regulated and amplified to get the most out of life? The BioElectric Shield shields you. It provides:

  • ENERGY PROTECTION: Blocks, Deflects, and Neutralizes the impact of EMF radiation 

  • ENERGY REGULATION: Reduces the impact of unhealthy energies from people, places, and devices

  • ENERGY AMPLIFICATION: Resonates, amplifies and strengthens your energy

It shields you from energies that drain you - life is more fun when you're wearing your Shield.

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How does this EMF blocker work?

The Physics: Based on Nobel Prize winning physics, inside each Shield is a precision cut matrix of quartz and other crystals. This matrix creates an energy field that vibrates at the same frequency/vibration as the earth. We call it an Earth Resonance Technology. If you have walked by the ocean or deep in an old forest, you have already felt this frequency.

Protect and Regulate: The frequency created by the crystal matrix: protects, regulates, and reinforces your natural energy field making you LESS susceptible to the energies around you. This includes electromagnetic radiation of all forms, other people’s negativity, or geopathic stress.

Perfect Balance: It promotes perfect balance in all 4 of your energy aspects: physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. We have been told by individuals who see energy to the cellular level, that it balances your energy to the level of your D.N.A.

Users report: Increased Focus, Renewed Energy, Feeling more emotionally balanced & stable


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How to Block EMF: Why are there 4 Levels of Protection?

How does it work with my energy field?

The crystal matrix inside the Shield goes into resonance with your unique personal energy field within 24 hours of you wearing it. From that moment on, it deflects any energy that is incompatible with your specific, unique energy field. This includes EMF, Other People's Energy or Energy from a Place or Gathering.

What is the difference in the 4 Levels of Protection?

The metal around the matrix serves to AMPLIFY the energy that is created by our physics-based crystal matrix. Metals have different properities. Some are better conductors of energy. Brass is good, silver is better and gold is the best condutor of the energy field created by the Shield matrix. Therefore, the stronger the conductor, the stronger it is blocking EMF and other negative energies.

  • Level 1: Brass is a good conductor/amplifier. Worn by children or used as a room, pet, or auto Shield.
  • Level 2: Silver is a stronger conductor/amplifier than brass. Worn by children and "technology-lite" users, or anyone around WiFi.
  • Level 3: Silver with gold tabs. Becuase gold is the best conductor/amplifier of the Shield energy. Stronger EMF blocking, Strong emotional balancing and protection.
  • Level 4: Gold is the most powerful amplifier. Worn by people living in EMF Hot Zones (metropolitan areas), frequent air travelers, especially international travelers, extremely emotionally or electromagnetically sensitive people and those who want ultimate protection.

Couldn't I just do this by wearing crystals?

The precision-cut and arranged matrix has very different properties than loose crystals.

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