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Frequently asked questions about EMF Radiation and Personal Energy Protection provided by the BioElectric Shield.

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What can I expect wearing an EMF Protection BioShield?

Everyone has their own unique experience with the Shield: some people feel differently immediately, others never feel differently, but life becomes more fun, easier and less stressful. To learn more about this, please visit our New Shield Owners- What to Expect page. You can also read our testimonials or a blog Why do health professional and coaches recommend the Shield.

Should I have a health practitioner test my Shield?

Please wait at least 12 weeks before any testing is by your health care practitioner, who should be Certified in Applied Kinesiology or have a computerized acupuncture device. Please visit our Research page for more information or contact us.

Is the Bioelectric Shield also called the BioShield?

Yes, it is! In 1990, when the BioShield was invented, we considered this shorter name, but found it was in use as a paint product! So, we extended the name to fully describe it’s function – that it would protect the Bio – body, Electric– the electromagnetic nature of the body, by Shielding it from unhealthy energies.

Can you measure the effectiveness of the EMF Protection Shield on a person using an EMF Meter?

Our energy consultant (who sees energy to the cellular level) told us that the testing of a Shield with an Emf meter was tricky because the energy field of the person can affect the meter readings. We work with a family of consultants who has passed down a genetic trait of having the lens of their eyes shaped differently than the rest of us. They ONLY see energy patterns/colors, not solid objects. They have explained that what the meter is reading is the energy that is not getting into that person’s field because the shield is blocking it. The meter stays high, but the person wearing the Shield is completely protected. To the outside observer, it looks like the Shield didn’t help the person, but the reverse is true – the energy is just piled up outside their energy field!”. 

Frequently Asked Questions
in Alphabetical Order

Caring for my shield – How do I keep my shield functioning at peak levels?

Carry or wear the Shield? – If I’d like to get one for my partner, but they won’t wear jewelry, is there any other option?

Cell towers?– Find out how close cell towers are to your home?

Child/Baby? – Can my baby or child wear one?

Children at School? – Will a Shield protect my child from the WiFi at school?

Crystals – What crystals are in the Shield?

Crystals-moving I feel something moving inside my shield, is that ok?

Dependent on shield – I don’t want to depend on the Shield

Depleted? – Can the Shield get depleted?

Different types – How are the Shield styles different?

Earth frequencies and polarity – Is the Shield at the earth’s frequency? Does the energy of the Shield shift as the earth’s frequency or polarity changes?

EMF Detection Meters? – Can you tell if the Shield is working by using an EMF Detection Meter

Energy sensitivity – If I am sensitive to other people’s energies or sensitive to energy in general, how does the Shield help with this? How does the Shield actually protect a person from other people’s energies?

Engrave Shield? – Can the Shield be engraved?

Feel – How will I feel wearing a Shield? What if I don’t still FEEL the Shield working after having it for several weeks or months?

Fix your energy? – Can the Shield “fix or lock” my energy?

Guarantee – Shield Guarantee info

Headache – What could it mean if I got a headache or felt blah, spaced out, dizzy or noticed some “negative” symptom wearing the Shield?

Negative energy – Will a Shield absorb negative energy?

Other People’s Energy? – Will it protect me from other people’s energy?

International shields – What are “International Shields”?

Pacemaker – Will the Shield interfere with a pacemaker?

Polishing – What is the best way to polish my Shield?

Positive Ions – does the Shield prevent or get rid of the buildup of positive ions in the body?

Pregnancy – Can the Shield be worn during pregnancy?

Recharge or revitalize Shield? – How can I recharge my shield?

School and Computers – Will it protect my child from emf at school?

Share the Shield? – Can I share it with someone or give it to someone after I have worn it for a while?

Shower? – Can I shower with it on?

Shield strengthens you – Does the Shield strengthen or weaken you over time?

Stress – How does the Shield work to help me with stress?

Shunghite – Does this mineral help deflect EMF?

Tarnish – Does the Shield tarnish?

Trade Up to a Higher Level – Can I trade in my current shield to move up to a higher level Shield?

Wearing the Shield – Do I have to wear it all the time? If I haven’t worn it for a while, does it take 24 hours to readjust to my body?

Waterproof? – Is it waterproof?

Wear out? – Do Shields wear out?

Wearing Options? – Can I carry it in a pocket, slip it in a bra verses wearing it on a cord or chain around my neck?

Wear with other devices, crystals, etc? Can I wear the Shield with other energy devices, magnets, crystals, and/or jewelry?

White Gold vs Yellow Gold – is one metal stronger than the other?

Why get a Shield? – I don’t use a cell phone, so am I at risk?

Care for my Shield? How do I care for my Shield?

Carry or wear the Shield? Can I carry it in a pocket, stick it into a bra, loop it around my belt instead of wearing it around my neck?

  • You can do any of those options. The Shield will adapt to whatever location you choose.
  • The ideal location for the Shield is over the heart. It works easiest and most efficiently there, but it is still doing its job regardless of the location.
  • When it is worn on the wrist the Shield continuously adapts to the wrist being moved around.
  • If someone does not wish to wear it, it can be placed on the night stand next to their side of the bed, and, as long as it is within three feet of them, it is in their energy field and balancing and strengthening and protecting them as they sleep. See Shield Instructions

Cell towers nearby?

  • Find out how many cell towers are in your neighborhood by visiting: http://www.antennasearch.com.
  • It’s free to check. After seeing the number of towers and antennas, you can’t help but realize how pervasive this threat is.

Children and Babies: Can my child wear a Shield?

  • Visit our Children and EMF Protection Blog section: We have blogs about EMF protection tools for Children, Tips for Kids in a WiFi Classroom, Sensitive, Intuitive, Indigo and Crystal children… and are continually adding blogs to this section.
  • This page describes protection for Pregnancy, Babies and Toddlers: The short answer is that if you have a baby/toddler, the best approach is to hang a room Shield wherever they sleep. Please do this until they are about 5 years old.
  • At that point, you can move the Shield right next to their bed. (Our Room Shield stand is handy for this). Now that it is within 2-3 feet of them at night, it will become their personal Shield, going into resonance with their energy field. Over a period of a few weeks, it will build up a strong cocoon of protection around them, and also blend with their bioenergetic field. It will balance and strengthen their energy while they sleep. The cocoon stays around them as they leave their room and go out of the home.
  • When they start going to school, a Level 2 Shield is recommended.
  • If you want to know exactly which Shield is best for your child, take advantage of our free photo analysis.

Children at School? Will the EMF Protection Shield protect my child in front of the school computers?

  • The Level 2 Shield provides excellent protection from the EMF from computers in the schools.
  • Cell phone protection for kids is very important. We strongly recommend the amazing SYB cell phone pouch that deflects 99.9% of the radiation coming from the phone.
  • As we said above, if you want to know exactly which type of Shield is perfect for you child, please take advantage of our free photo analysis or take the EMF Exposure Quiz

Crystals in the Shield? What crystals are in the Shield’s matrix?

  • Our Shields have all natural crystals in them – please read both The Science and the Earth Resonance Technology for details
  • We don’t give out exact formulas as to what is in each Shield since this is proprietary information. We assure you that all the crystals are living, natural crystals, of the finest quality available. They are selected for their ability to produce the clearest, strongest vibrational subtle energy support for you. Because the crystals in the Shield are in a very precise pattern, they take on very different properties than individual crystals. If you knew what stones were in the Shield it wouldn’t tell you how it works. Read “The Secret of the Stones”

Crystals moving? I feel something moving inside my shield, is that ok?

  • Inside the metal of your Shield is the crystal matrix. The crystals are securely set into a waterproof, shockproof holding material that keeps them safe even if you drop your shield. We usually put a dab of this holding material on the top of the matrix so it will push up against the dome of the shield, thus holding the matrix still.
  • Occasionally it will rub away, and the matrix will be able to move a tiny bit inside the shield. Since it only moves a tiny amount, it does not affect the performance since all the crystals are still securely in place.

Dependent on Shield? What if I don’t want to have to depend on an outside force to protect me? Shouldn’t I be able to do this myself?

  • While each person has tremendous untapped potential to protect themselves without a Shield, why not take advantage of a natural product that will protect you from unnatural energies?
  • If you had a choice between flying between San Francisco and New York, or walking, 99.9% of us would use the technology of airplane, instead of taking months to walk! It can be thought of as a modern convenience just the way we think of phones and cars. They make our lives easier.
  • Another way to think of it is that the Universe provides us with all kinds of tools. We take vitamins, receive health care treatments like massage, use power tools, use a phone – all of which make our lives easier and more pleasant.
  • The world offers us technology which has side effects for our bioenergetic fields. Some people don’t notice much, but their energy systems are using energy to maintain their own natural frequenc – one that is VERY different from a wireless signal. Again, why waste your energy doing this? In some cases, as humans beings, we are sensitive to this energy, and simply do not have the capability of deflecting all of the radiation coming into our bioenergetic field.
  • With more WiFi in our environment all the time, why not let the Shield deflect those energies? Read our customer reviews to see how life changes when you support your body this way.

Deplete my Shield? Can the EMF Protection Shield get depleted?

  • The Shield can get depleted when you are in a high-stress situation, but it has a self-charging mechanism up to a point. If you are wondering if it needs to be recharged, you probably are intuitively picking up that it’s time for a “tune-up”.
  • Link to our recharge at home instructions. Recharge it for a full 6-hours, and see if that makes a difference. If it doesn’t, recharge it again for another day. Hanging it outside is preferable to recharging it in a window, but there are instructions for indoor charging on this same page.
  • If you still need to know if your Shield is fully charged, your next best (and free) option, is to follow the directions for the free photo analysis. This includes you answering some questions about your EMF exposure as well as sending in a photo of yourself that has been taken by someone else. The photo instructions are specific and very important in order for our consultant to see your energy field while you are wearing your Shield. We will call you back with the results.
  • Or you can skip this and simply send your Shield in for recharging. When you send it in, please add a note that you want our consultant to personally check your Shield while it is in our crystal room. When it’s 100% charged, he will see this, and we’ll then repolish it for you and ship it back.
  • Last resort, but not recommended is that you can also have someone muscle test you to see if the Shield is working to capacity.
  • Caution! Muscle testing must be done correctly to provide valid information for you. Our strong preference is that you go to a certified AK practictioner. (Applied Kineseolgy). Many chiropractors have this kind of certification. The problem with a untrained professional muscle testing you is that their personal opinion may subconsciously affect the results.
  • If you are having a friend test you, here is a Muscle Testing Video. After you have watched the video, you can also read over this of instructions from an Internet site we felt was good: http://www.eftstatements.com/articles/muscle-testing/. To muscle test, refer to the procedure shown in the “Shield Test/Research” section of this website. For the testing, you first do a pretest, then retest by either: imagining a stressful situation or holding up a battery operated watch or cell phone and retesting. Finally, hold the Shield and retest again. If you test weak even with the Shield, it’s time for revitalization. Another note if the Shield is not seeming to work properly, we suggest you take advantage of the free photo analysis.
  • Botton line: We recommend the photo analysis as the best way to know what your Shield needs in terms of recharging!

Differences between Shields? What are the differences among the various shields?

Earth’s frequency and polarity – Is the Shield at the earth’s frequency? Does the energy of the Shield shift as the earth’s frequency changes?

  • The earth’s frequency, sometimes called the Schumann Resonant frequency, is said to be changing based on the consciousness of the inhabitants of this earth. As the consciousness of the people goes up, the consciousness of the planet goes up.
  • The quartz in the crystal matrix of the Shield are connected to the crystal matrix of quartz all over the planet. They vibrate in harmony with one another, so any changes that affect any of the crystals, will affect all of them in the network, and this includes those in the Shield.
  • They all adapt to the new polarity as well as the crystals in the Shield, bring the aspects of this new polarity into harmony in your body. (Did you know your body has the same minerals in it as quartz?) This feature is one of the most amazing things about BioElectric Shields – they are always precisely in tune with the earth’s polarity, and, because they get recharged by the energy of the sun, they are also in sync with the relationship between the sun’s magnetic field and the earth’s magnetic field.This quote below from the article is a great description of how the energies change. The Shield changes right along with all of these field shifts.
  • “Every 11 years, the strength of this magnetic field gradually decreases to zero, then emerges in the opposite direction, as part of the solar cycle. It’s as if, here on Earth, compasses pointed towards the Arctic as “North” for 11 years, then briefly wavered, then pointed towards Antarctica as “North” for the next 11 years (in fact, the Earth’s magnetic field does reverse as well, but it occurs with much less regularity and takes a few hundred thousand years to do so).”
  • Read more: http://www.disclose.tv/news/The_Suns_Magnetic_Field_Is_About_to_Reverse/93305#ixzz2eDWYM6AT
  • Other products on the market today are made of computer chips and other artificial materials, and as such, are fixed in their frequency. Because they are artificial frequency generators, they must have a permanent source of energy to power them. Individuals who have submitted their photos in our photo analysis process have found that if they have owned a product like that for more than 2 years, the product is working at about 5% of its original power.The Shield crystals are easily and permanently recharged by very few hours of natural daylight. It’s best to recharge your Shield once a month – or at least every 3 months.

EMF Detector Meters- Will it show I am protected?

  • We work with a family of consultants who have passed down a genetic trait of having rods and cones in the eye that are shaped differently than the rest of us. They ONLY see energy patterns/colors, not solid objects.
  • Current meters measure SAR, voltage and magnetic fields. When you wear a BioShield, it is constantly refracting the harmful frequencies away from your field.
  • And, as our own energy consultant, who sees energy to the cellular level said: “the testing of a Shield with a gauss meter is tricky because the energy field of the person can actually affect the meter readings“. She also stated: “I know it works. I’ve watched so many people and seen what it does for them. It’s just incredible how helpful it is for their energy”.
  • She said, “I’ve seen the meters fluctuate – and initially stay high even when the shield is protecting the person, but usually the readings will go down in a few minutes. It can depend on the person actually, so it varies. “Often it won’t go down initially, because what the meter is reading is the energy that is not getting into that person’s field because the shield is blocking it – so the emf reading stays high – but the person is fine.
  • To the outside observer, it looks like the Shield didn’t help the person, but the reverse is true – the energy is just piled up outside their energy field!”. So – in summary, you probably will not get an accurate reading from your meter in terms of how much your body is being protected. We doubt you will see any changes in the EMF meter.
  • The only reliable measurements have been taking on people with and without the Shield. In all those situations, humans have been stronger and healthier wearing the Shield. See our EMF Protection research studies. Room Shields – Likewise, you will not see changes in your Gauss meter because the Shield is constantly processing the EMF in the room. What you may see is a fluctuating meter as more EMF is processed.
  • The Shield is set at a human frequency band and will continually break up frequencies not compatible to living things, be in a pet, person or plant. We have 2 Room Shield styles. Please visit the Room Shield product page to learn about when to use each style.Our energy consultant explained that the testing of a Shield with an EMF meter was tricky because the energy field of the person can affect the meter readings.
  • You can hear the founder explain this phenomenon in a short video, Why Gauss Meters Can not Accurately Measure the Effectiveness of the BioElectric Shield
  • Engineer Explains More about Meters: When we discussed this issue with David Kramer, engineer, and owner of Aegis Corporation, he told us that even though manufacturers refer to their meters as RF meters, none of them actually measure RF, which is a very expensive thing to do. There are no affordable meters that will measure 4G (the current frequency used for cellular communication), and meters that test 5G don’t exist.
  • Room Shields – Likewise, you will not see changes in your Gauss meter when a Room Shield is hung in a room. This is because the Shield is constantly processing the EMF in the room. What you may see is a fluctuating meter as more EMF is processed. The Shield is set at a human frequency band and will continually break up frequencies not compatible to living things, be in a pet, person or plant. We have 2 Room Shield styles. Please visit the Room Shield product page to learn about when to use each style.

Energy Sensitivity: I am sensitive to other people’s energies or sensitive to energy in general. How does this Energy Protection Shield help with this?

  • It helps in 2 ways. First, the Shield strengthens and stabilizes your energy so that you are less affected by your outside environment. Secondly, after 24 hours, it creates a spinning vortex of energy that serves as a “gatekeeper”, deflecting any energy that is incompatible with you but allowing energy that is compatible with you. In short, it lets in the “good” energy and deflects the “negative or unhealthy” energy of a person, place or situation.

Engrave Shield? Can the Shield be engraved?

  • Generally speaking, the answer is no. The reason is that any additional “lines” on the Shield will skew the way the energy is amplified and sent out of the crystal matrix. There have We have had one instance where the design covered most of the front and it was a solid shape of a dog, but typically people want to add either words or symbols and this does interfere with the energy from the crystal matrix. You are welcome to contact us to discuss what you have in mind.

Feel: What will I feel wearing a Shield?

  • Some people feel the Shield energ working right away. Others feel nothing! The energy of the Shield is very similar to the ocean or an old growth forest. If you are already a balanced person, you may not notice a physical sensation change. Rather, you will find that your life just goes more smoothly, or you are less triggered by people or situations that triggered you before. For those of you who don’t feel anything, we suggest you visit our New Owner’s Guide on this website.
  • Research done on the BioElectric Shield by several different clinicians has shown that even when you don’t feel anything, there is a measurable difference in how your organs are functioning as well as the strength and balance of your energy. Our Computerized Acupuncture study is a good example of how quickly your energy can be balanced when you wear a Shield. How many of us are aware of the subtle changes in our bodies? Usually, we only notice them when we become ill.The Shield is a subtle energy device and for some, the changes are dramatic, for others they can be very subtle and hard to pinpoint. Many people simply feel things are a little easier and less stressful.

Feel Nothing? What if I feel something initially, but then I don’t feel anything?

  • Some people don’t feel a difference any longer and wonder if perhaps their Shield isn’t working. This is because they are so used to the energy of the Shield. Often when they first start wearing it during the initial balancing process they feel a lot of changes, but after a while, they don’t feel as much. This doesn’t mean the Shield isn’t working. It simply means that the Shield has balanced your energy, and will continue to do so, but many new changes are no longer happening.
  • For many people, if they were to quit wearing it for a time, they would then notice the difference in how they feel. The other reason you may not notice the energy of the Shield is that it tunes to your energy – so when you put it on, you’re putting on your own energy, so there isn’t that initial “rush” of feeling as when you put on a new Shield. If you are still not sure, please take advantage of the free photo analysis. Our team of consultants, who are able to see your energy field, can determine how well the Shield is working with your energy. Sometimes a person really does need a different Shield, so the photo analytics can be very helpful to you.


  • Keep your Shield for at least 9 weeks from the date of purchase. If you feel the Shield isn’t for you, return anytime between this 9 week period and 90 days from your original purchase date. After the 9 weeks, we will refund 100% of your purchase price. Shipping charges are not refundable.
  • Any returns before the 9 week period will have a 10% refurbishing fee or $45, whichever is more, deducted from the refund. Shipping charges are not refundable.
  • Why do we want you to keep your Shield at least 9 weeks? The Shield is a subtle energy device and it takes time for it to blend with your energy field. During the first 4-6 weeks your Shield it is re-balancing your energy field while it is also protecting you from EMF. After this blending period, you should begin to notice ways in which your life is different. Perhaps you will notice that you are not as stressed out as you used to be – you might laugh more – or be less critical of others confrontations and interactions may be smoother. You probably will not get the fatigue you used to get from being around computers, or particular people. But this takes some TIME to accomplish these results and is cumulative.
    Read our New Owners Guide to read a list of things to watch for as a sign your Shield is working.
  • Custom Shields do not have a 90-Day Guarantee because they are custom designed and made for only your energy field. Thus, they are not returnable.

Fix Your Energy? Can the Shield “fix or lock” my energy at one frequency? Does it have only one crystal in it?

  • No, the Shield contains not just one crystal, but a specific configuration of crystals, which causes the Shield to behave differently than a single crystal. The Shield comes with a perfectly balanced human frequency band. When you first put on a Shield, your frequency will be somewhere within that band. The Shield will find your specific frequency within 12 hours.
  • Here’s an analogy for this. When you put two tuning forks together which are within a half a note of each other, they will tune to the same note within a short period of time. The Shield will always tune to your energy, and then help balance and strengthen it, even as you change and grow over the years. It NEVER fixes or locks your frequency.

Headache or feeling bad wearing a Shield? What might it mean if I got a headache or feel blah, spaced out, dizzy or notice some “negative” symptom wearing the Shield?

  • The Shield may be rebalancing your energy field a bit too quickly. To slow down the process decrease your wearing time until it doesn’t feel this way. If these symptoms do not change, please call 1-541-201-8878 or Email Us. We very much want to talk with you if this happens because you may need a different type of shield. Or, it could be that you need an individually customized Shield because of your bioenergetic field.

International Shields: What are “International Shields?

  • Our Focusing Shield serves as our International Shield. The matrix is designed to protect, strengthen and balance your energy, regardless of where you live! It also contains some additional focusing energy. When you order your Shield, if you live outside the USA or Canada please order the Focusing matrix.

Negative Energy: Will a Shield absorb negative energy?

  • No, the Shield works differently than a single crystal or gemstone. When a person buys a single crystal, it has one frequency and will absorb energy. After a while, the single crystal has to be cleansed with sea water or the sun.
  • When you are wearing the Shield, it is in the “protect and balance” mode, balancing and strengthening your energy field, and deflecting any energy not compatible with you. Therefore, it isn’t ever going to absorb negative energy.
  • You can charge up the crystal matrix of your Shield while you are wearing it. If you wear it outside your clothing on a sunny day, the energy of the sun will be conducted through the metal of your Shield, and revitalize your crystal matrix. However, to fully charge your Shield, you would have to be wearing it several hours a day in direct sunlight.
  • The recommended way to charge your Shield is to pick one day per month – we usually recommend the first weekend of every month. Read more: Recharge Your Shield

Other People’s Energy? Does it protect me from other people’s energy – especially if it’s negative?

  • When you wear a Shield, you can imagine that you are in a cocoon of energy that has blended with your own, strengthening, and stabilizing your own vibration.Thus, you are less affected by any energy which is not a vibrational match with your own.
  • Additionally, at the edge of this “cocoon”, the Shield creates a vortex of energy that serves as a “gatekeeper”. Any energy not compatible with your energy, is spun around you.
  • Many people find that, when wearing a Shield, it is easier for them to establish healthy boundaries with regards to other people and the demands that are placed on them. Watch our two short videos on the home page and read about the science of the Shield Earth Resonance Technology.

Pacemaker- Will the Shield interfere with a pacemaker?

  • Many people who wear a pacemaker are fine with a standard Shield. Others benefit greatly from having us customize their Shield. Clear quartz is known for it’s propery of regular oscillation. A regular heart beat (or oscillation) is often assisted by this property of the quartz.
  • To be sure if this is a good energy match, we always request that they take advantage of our free photo analysis. Our consultant can see their energy from the photo they sent (we have specific requirements for the photo). Our consultant will make a specific Shield recommendation for anyone who submits a photo analysis request.
  • Some of our customer with pacemakes benefit from an individually customized Shield.

Positive Ions- Does the Shield prevent the buildup of positive ions? Or get rid of them if I have too many of them in my body?

  • Yes, it will get rid of them if you have too many when you first start wearing your Shield. After that, it will keep them in balance.

Polishing My Shield? What is the best way to polish my Shield?

  • You can any commercial silver cream polish or use the polishing cloth we sell – our supplier tells us it is the best cloth in the jewelry industry! It’s easy to use and less messy than a cream. It can be used for all your jewelry – not just the Shield.

Pregnancy? Can the Shield be worn during pregnancy?

  • It’s very beneficial to the mother and the fetus to wear a Shield during and after pregnancy! Today, there is WiFi nearly everywhere, and research is showing that fetus is very sensitive to this energy. In fact, research has shown that women who use their cell phones a great deal are more likely to have a baby who has health challenges, ADD and possibly even autism. (BioInitiative Report 2012- see our blog)
  • The Shield strengthens a person’s entire energy field. Our acupuncture research showed that the immune system and all body organs and systems were strengthened by wearing the Shield. During pregnancy, a woman may need extra strength and a better-balanced energy field for the additional demands that are placed upon her. Because the fetus and Mother are cohabiting the same body, the Shield will be balancing the fetus as well.

Recharging Your Shield: How do I get my Shield recharged if I don’t recharge it myself?

  • You can send the Shield to us in Montana for repolishing & revitalizing in our special crystal room, Please check our current pricing for this service by clicking on our EMF Protection Shield Recharge page.

    Remember, if the Shield is hung in daylight (i.e., sunny or cloudy) at least once a month for at least 6 hours, then it will stay fully charged, forever! Charging it during daylight only for several days won’t hurt it because it can’t get “overcharged”.
  • If you leave it out overnight, then recharge it for twice as many hours as it was exposed to moonlight. The Shield cannot be recharged with laser pens, ocean water, Reiki or any other method other than hanging in natural light. Read more about recharging. As for International Shields, we recommend not returning them to Montana for recharging unless you wish to cover the usually high shipping charges and complicated customs procedures!

Return and Upgrade, or Trade up to Exchange for a higher Level Shield

  • Return and Upgrade Policy for BioElectric Shields You have a 90-day money back guarantee on your Shield – Read full Guarantee. Contact us with any questions.
  • Keep your Shield for at least 9 weeks from the date of purchase, and if, after that time, you feel this just isn’t the product for you, you may return the Shield within 90 days from your original purchase date.
  • After the 9 weeks, we will refund 100% of your purchase price. Shipping charges are not refundable.
  • Any returns before the 9 week period will have a 10% refurbishing fee or $45, whichever is more. Shipping fees are not refundable.
  • Note: if you are considering returning your Shield, we’d suggest taking advantage of our free Photo Analysis. You purchased the Shield for a reason, we’d like to help you and it may be that a different Shield or even a customized one will give you better results.Read more about reasons to trade-up in our blog post – Are You Nuts? Why in the World Would I want to spend that kind of Money on a Shield?

School and Computer: Will the EMF Protection Shield protect my child in front of the school computers?

  • We suggest you take the quiz for your child and receive a personal recommendation based on the answer you provide in the quiz.
  • If you have a Highly Sensitive Child, the HSP Quiz will be a excellent source of information for you in terms of choosing the best Shield for your child. Please note we do have a wristband style.
  • To get an even more personalized recommendation, please take advantage of our free photo analysis.

Share my Shield? Can I share my Shield with someone else?

  • No, sorry – you can’t share your Shield with anyone else. The Shield becomes resonant with your energy field within just hours. When you share Shields between people it’s like you’re actually “putting on” their energy. If your energy fields are very similar, it might not a problem. However, we’ve had customers who have switched Shields accidentally, and it was very uncomfortable for one or both of them.
  • If you wish to give, sell or gift your Shield to someone else, you can clear it completely by hanging it in sunlight for up to 6 consecutive days (but remember to bring it in at night) Read more about recharging your Shield.

Showering? Swimming? Can I/should I wear my Shield while showering, bathing or swimming?

  • Yes, you can! The only time we suggest you take it off is if you are going into a chlorinated swimming pool – please visit our Wearing and Caring for your Shield page.

Shunghite – does it provide EMF protection?

  • Shunghite is the latest “rage” among some mineral/gem enthusiasts. We ordered 20 pieces of Shunghite, placed them in a small bowl sitting next to a laptop computer which was operational. We then took a photo of the shunghite pieces I had in a small bowl, and put them next to my laptop. The consultant said that they were dissipating about 20% of the radiation. They could be a nice addition to place near a computer or iPad. He commented that they have about 5% of the overall effectiveness of a Shield regarding EMF protection and energy balancing/strengthening.

Stress Relief? How does the Shield work to help me with stress?

  • By reinforcing your own naturally healthy and strong energies, you are less susceptible to outside disturbances. When a person is tired, it takes much less “aggravation” to produce a stress reaction.
  • The Shield protects you by strengthening and balancing your energies, allowing you to handle difficult situations and people more easily. It also protects your energy by deflecting unhealthy energies from other people(depression, anger, etc.) that normally your energy field must deflect. Many empaths and Highly Sensitive People rely heavily on their Level 3 (or Level 4) Shield to keep their energy focused and protected from other people. It’s not that other people are “bad”; if you are an empath you pick up other people’s energy, even strangers, that simply interrupt your own flow! Read more about this in our the Empath and Highly Sensitive section of our Blog and Podcast area.
  • The Shield deflects more than 90% of this unhealthy energy. Stress testing has shown that people remain physically strong even when imagining a stressful situation. For more comments please see Customer Reviews and Shield Stories.

Tarnish – Does the Shield Tarnish? Why does my Shield tarnish so rapidly?

Trade up – Upgrade – Trading in and Trading Up to a stronger Shield:

  • Yes, you can do this as long as your Shield is in very good condition. There are some restrictions and fees. Read more about how to Trade-Up

Waterproof? Is the Shield waterproof?

  • Yes, it is; however, we do not recommend wearing it in a chlorinated hot tub or swimming pool because sterling silver will tarnish much more quickly when exposed to enough chlorine. Shower, bath, lake, river or ocean water is fine. You were sent a brochure with your Shield that was entitled Wearing and Caring instructions. This information is also online – Wearing and Caring for your BioElectric Shield.

Weaken the body? Can the Shield weaken my body over time as my body becomes used to the shielding and thus does not have to work to protect itself?

  • The irony of this claim is that the Shield actually does the reverse of weakening the body over time.
  • When someone puts on a shield, it assists their energy field in becoming more balanced, and having more strength, or “chi”. Over time, it reinforces this pattern of energy balance and strength. Then if a person takes off the shield, their energy field stays at the new level of balance and strength.
  • Most people wear the Shield for months or years, and then find they are ready to take it off for a while-maybe a weekend, or a month, or even a year. All this means is that their energy field has built up a pattern of strength so that it is deflecting negative energy all on its own.
  • After a while, most people prefer to put the Shield back on for one of 2 reasons. We have noticed this happens when they are exposed to greater amounts of EMF radiation. This can happen when:
    • A Smart Meter is installed
    • A router is updated to create a stronger, faster signal
    • 5G is used in the neighborhood
    • more transponders, or cell towers have gone up in your area
  • Saying the Shield weakens the system would be the equivalent of saying that supplements weaken the system. Instead, a better analogy is that they both support the body, and make it stronger. If you want evidence for this we invite you to visit our Research page as well as the Testimonials of people who have worn the shield for years and love how they feel wearing it.

Wearing my BioElectric Shield EMF blocker pendant? Do I have to wear it all the time?

  • No, we suggest you use your intuition about how much to wear your Shield. Most people wear it all the time either as a pendant, on their wrist, in a belt pouch or in their pocket. Visit our FAQ page for questions people ask about wearing and caring for your Shield.
    • Some women will pin it to an under garment or (loop it around a strap) so it is not showing, but still close to their hearts. Others use their Shields only during the day or in certain circumstances like when working with computers, when feeling especially stressed and/or being around people, etc.
    • If I haven’t worn it for a while, does it take 24 hours to reajust to my energy field?No, it’s still tuned to your body. However, we recommend reharging it for at least 2 consecutive days if it’s been a few months since you recharged it.
  • You also might consider sending it back for a recharge in Montana if you have not worn it for a year or more.

Wearing the Shield with other energy devices, magnets, crystals and/or jewelry?

  • You can wear your Shield with other energy generating products. The Shield will actually balance other crystals, jewelry, magnets or other energy devices that are worn on the body. In fact, the Shield will harmonize the frequency of any other vibrational objects you wear with it to work even better with your own body.
  • The balancing of your Shield enhances the effect of homeopathics, herbal tinctures and all forms of natural healing.
  • Feel free to send a photo of you wearing the item you are checking for compatability with your Shield. We will ask our consultant to look at your energy field while you have both items on, and he will see if the energies are compatible. It’s rare that they are not compatible, but it’s a good idea to check!

Wearing Options

Wear out – Do the Shields wear out?

  • As long as you recharge your Shield once a month, it will last indefinitely.
  • Please go to our recharge page for instructions for recharging at home, or sending your Shield to Montana to have us recharge and repolish your Shield.

Why get a Shield? I don’t use a cell phone or computer at all, or very seldom, so is there any reason for me to be protected?

  • Yes, just because you aren’t using a cell phone doesn’t mean you aren’t being impacted.
  • The energy of everyone else’s cell phones, cell towers, antennas and all the other technology around us is pervasive and bombarding you on a constant basis. It’s impossible these days to get away from WiFi – even if you don’t use it, your neighbors, the stores, schools and practically everyone around you does. If you want to know how much WiFi is around you, just go to your network settings and see how many networks are within range of your computer.
  • Find out how many cell towers are in your neighborhood, by going to this site: http://www.antennasearch.com. It’s free to check. After seeing the number of towers and antennas, you can’t help but realize how pervasive this threat is.
  • Take our EMF Exposure Quiz to get a better idea of your overall risk factors and get a recommendation for a Shield. If you are a Highly Sensitive Person, we have an HSP quiz for you! It covers both EMF and energy “zapping” questions. You will receive a protection recommendation at the end of either quiz. Be sure and click the choice to have the results emailed to you.

White Gold vs. Yellow Gold – is the Yellow Gold Shield stronger than the White Gold Shield?

  • Gold can be yellow or white, and it is still the strongest amplifier of the energy from the crystal matrix. The color of the gold is simply offering you a different appearance, but the strength of the Shields are identical.

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