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Should you be concerned about EMF Radiation? EMF Protection Buyer’s Guide

EMF stands for Electromagnetic Fields. Natural and Man-made EMF radiation are very different!

  • This EMF protection Buyer’s Guide will help you make informed choices on EMF protection.
  • There are natural EMFs such as lightning, sunlight, and the earth’s electromagnetic fields that are compatible with humans.
  • Man-made electromagnetic fields emit electromagnetic radiation that can be very harmful to humans. Thousands of studies have shown damaging effects including (but not limited to):
    • brain fog, attention span disruption, anxiety, sleep disorders, muscle aches and pain, headaches, chronic fatigue, all the way up to cancer.
    • The World Health Organization classifies this type of energy as a Class 2B Carcinogen.
  • In addition to the full-body protection provided by the BioElectric Shield we recommend as your first line of defense, we carry a full line of products that offer protection for your electronics and your home from both Aegis Corporation and SYB (Shield Your Body).
  • Read more about Layered Protection
  • Watch the SYB’s EMF video for a simple, yet comprehensive explanation of EMF Radiation, and why all our companies are committed to promoting health through EMF protection products.

Do you get drained from EMF radiation and/or other people’s energy?

We’ve developed 2 free quizzes to help you choose personal energy protection. You are surrounded by EMF radiation-producing devices: Smart Meters, WiFi, 5G, Smartphones, and all electronic devices. Research has shown that EMF radiation exhausts your body by forcing your immune system to work overtime. Being around other people can be just as draining.

Take a Quiz to find out what you need for
personal protection.

EMF Quiz: Should you be concerned about EMF Radiation from WiFi, Smart Meters, Smartphones and more

Are you or your child affected by your WiFi, Smart Meter, 5G, computer, tablet, smartphone or EMF? You may not realize how much exposure and risk you have or the many subtle ways you may be affected by the technology around you.

Our EMF Quiz gives you a specific EMF protection recommendation.

Other People's Energy HSP Empath Quiz: How do you react to other people's energy, stress, negativity, or places and situations?

Did you know there are five energy sensitivity types? Many quizzes stop by saying, “Yes, you’re sensitive.” We don’t think that’s enough.

Take the HSP, Empath Quiz, and get a score as well as energy management tips for each area.

Many people purchase EMF protection for their cell phones or tablet, but is this the most efficient way to protect your energy? After 30 years of providing protection, Dr. Brown and Virginia Brown have found that the best way to feel good is to layer your energy protection.

EMF Protection Buyer’s Guide  Recommendation – The Layered Approach

1. Protect your entire body first with a BioElectric Shield. This protects your entire body no matter where you are. Balances, Restores, and Protects you from EMf and other people’s energy and stress. take the quiz for a recommendation

2. Put protection on your phone and other electronics.

3. Last, install dirty electricity protection for your home, work, or car with our Room Shield, Aegis, Satic, and SYB products.

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The BioShield has a 90 day money-back guarantee

Protection Priorities

prioritize protection
how emf protection device works
Layer 1:
Body BioElectric Shield

Dr. Brown recommends: Protect your entire body with EMF BioShield first.

Layer 2:
Electronic Devices

Add EMF dampening accessories to your electronics.

Layer 3:
Work & Living Spaces

Make your home, work, and living environment EMF Safe.

Protect your body with our BioElectric Shield