EMF Radiation Protection for Electromagnetically Sensitive (ES)

EMF & Personal Energy Protection for Highly Sensitive People (HSP)

How do you choose which EMF protection
is right for you?

In the late 1980’s we observed that our patients who were computer programmers had the most difficulty recovering from illness, stress, or any condition that brought them to our office. We concluded that EMF radiation was the culprit. Committed to a solution, in 1990, the BioElectric Shield Co. was founded by Dr. Charles W. Brown, Chiropractic Neurologist & Virginia Brown, M.S., Occupational Therapist.

Everything on our planet is a form of energy. Some energy helps us (nature) and some types of energy drain us (EMF radiation, stress, other people’s energy).

Our EMF protection BioElectric Shield blocks EMF radiation as well as any energy not compatible with the person wearing the BioShield. Other products provide additional protection (cellphone covers, paint, fabric rinses, etc.)

We have been providing energy protection products since 1990

Since that time, we have provided EMF protection and personal energy shielding for more than 200,000 customers. In recent years, we felt the need to let people determine what level of protection they needed.

We developed 2 quizzes you can take to determine your best personal energy protection from EMF radiation and other people’s energy

Your protection recommendation will be based on your answers about your lifestyle, your exposure, and sensitivity to both issuesMore than 12,000 people have taken one of our two professionally developed quizzes.

About BioElectric Shield

emf protection device research
Testing the BioElectric Shield

Our “Testing the BioElectric Shield” section includes formal and informal studies. Since 1990 to the present, a wide range of studies has proven the Shield’s strengthening effects on the human energy system.

how emf protection device works
How the BioElectric Shield Works

EMF RADIATION AND PERSONAL ENERGY PROTECTION: Deflects and neutralizes the impact of EMF radiation from cell phones, WiFi, computer radiation. 3 parts – How it Works, 3 Laws of Physics used in every Shield, and How the Shield was Invented.

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Free Photo Analysis

Find out which Shield is right for you – use our Free Photo Analysis process, a unique service that has helped thousands choose wisely.

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Bioelectric Shield Testimonials

Visit Customer Reviews – Visit -How does the Shield work? (Overview, Physics, Everyday benefits

EMF Protection & Personal Energy Protection Products

Are you stressed, fatigued and overloaded? Research has shown that EMF exposure can cause: poor focus, sleep issues, fatigue, anxiety, reduced immunity and many more symptoms. Other people’s energy can be exhausting too! A Shield Can Change Your Life.

Energy Protection Benefits
  1. Protect your body
  2. Shield your electronics
  3. Reduce EMF in your home

Protect your body with our BioElectric Shield