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In this section you will find important logistical information about how to contact us, why we care about you, shipping, returns, our guarantee, becoming an affiliate and our pricing structure. If there are any issues not resolved here, please call or email us! Hover your mouse over About us, and you will find several topic all related to customer service.

Our Story and Mission

Read why we care about you – and how we chose EMF Protection as our mission!

EMF Safety News

Get a monthly “reader’s digest” of a few key health issues we think you’ll care about plus private subscriber only sales announcements.

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Customer Support

We’re here to help you choose the most reliable EMF protection for you, your family and friends.

Our Guarantee

Since 1990, we have always offered a 90-day money back guarantee. With less than a 1% return rate, you’ll quickly learn we care about helping you as our priority!

Privacy Policy Statement

Your privacy is important to us. All information you share with us is confidential. We do not share, rent or sell any of your information.

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Home Page

The Home page covers the overview of the Shield.


All Products are listed in the left hand column. We carry a variety of EMF Shielding products as well as a small, select section of health mind, body and health products.

The Shield

Sub-links under this word include information about how the Shield works, how to choose the correct level for your lifestyle, how it was invented, instructions when you own a Shield, photo analysis instructions.

EMF News

Keeping you healthy, strong and focused is our goal! Protecting you from unhealthy energies, particularly Electromagnetic Radiation is our passion! We want you to be informed and empowered to take steps to protect yourself as our world becomes more digital! The convenience is awesome; the side-effects can be debilitating. We will always help you stay informed.


This is a little like listening to a short NPR broadcast. We write original content and we choose interesting stories that are in the national news, all related to topics of healthy living.

Our Newsletter

Healthy, Joyful Living is our passion – we pass on tips and great stories of how others are finding pathways to healthy, joyful living. Our readers tell us reading good news is so refreshing! Subscribe here.

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