The Dangers of Electropollution

Tuesday, February 06, 2007


It is an invisible danger that has no sound or smell but is creating chaos with all of our cells. In less than two decades, one third of the global village has embraced this new technology, spawning the multi-million dollar wireless communications industry. From cell phones to hot spots to entire wireless cities, rarely has a technology so rapidly and so profoundly transformed the world. The explosion of wireless technology has brought with it a totally new form of dangerous radiation called electropollution


Humanity is now exposed to more than 100 million times more radiation than just two decades ago.

Cell Phone crowdThe 100 trillion cells of the body communicate with each other by subtle low electromagnetic signals as well as through chemical reactions. Continuous exposure to electromagnetic radiation can drastically distort and disrupt these cellular communications pathways, resulting in abnormal cellular metabolism and eventually disease.

Electropollution profoundly compromises the normal intercellular communication of the body. Cell function deteriorates, cell membranes harden, causing a shutdown of the cells. Now nutrients cannot get in and toxins cannot get out. Over time this leads to toxin and free radical buildup, genetic mutation, premature aging, illness and disease.

StarbucksWirelessSo picture this... it’s a typical morning in a Starbucks equipped with wireless Internet. You see three people involved in cell phone conversations, one sending a text message from a PDA and two surfing the Internet on laptops. Each device is transmitting to the antenna installed in the back of the store, which in turn is transmitting out. At each point the signal gets an electronic push from the device to get it going. This push, like a boat being accelerated through water, creates a wake called a near-field plume. This plume is sending out lots of radiation. Homes, wireless offices, schools, hospitals and most every workplace are now filled with cell phones, laptops, wireless networks, game stations, iPods. With the increasing world of wireless technology our world is now being blanketed with a dense fog of plumes and beams. As we work, learn, sleep and play in these environments and whether we personally use these gadgets or not, our cells are being bombarded and our cellular function is being compromised.

The most vulnerable to electropollution are the children.

Their cells are still growing and are filled with more fluid, thus the radiation can penetrate much faster into their cells. Disney got in the game big time recently with offers of family plans and a kid starter plans targeted to 8-to-12 year-olds. An 8-year-old child who gets a cell phone will by age 28 have used a cell phone for longer than anyone to date.

AutisticchildConsider this: In 1970, one out of 10,000 children were diagnosed with autism. Last year, one in 166 children were diagnosed with autism. Many scientists and some doctors are now trying to get the word out that we are now starting to see genetic damage that is weakening our children’s cells, thus causing many more health challenges such as autism. Read More about EMF and autism and what you can do.

The health challenges coming from our continual exposure to electrical pollution is becoming a worldwide concern. In Europe in May, a movie is coming out showing the public about the health problems that are increasing every day with the increasing use of the electronic and wireless age, and will be here in the U.S. at the end of summer.

The good news is science and medicine have experience with toxic exposure and have developed a “gold standard” for dealing with these types of problems called the public health paradigm. The paradigm always encompasses primary, secondary and tertiary interventions. Primary addresses the cause of the problem and is best accomplished by reducing or canceling out exposure. Secondary deals with the symptoms of the problem, of which the most significant is disrupted intercellular communication. Tertiary deals with stopping the problem and keeping the symptoms from coming back.

(Carlson lives in Napa.)


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