International EMF Radiation Protection BioElectric Shields

Why is an International EMF Protection Matrix Needed?

Each EMF Protection Shield has a crystal matrix that protects you from EMF radiation as well as other unhealthy energies. This matrix also balances the 4 aspects of your energy field: physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. 

The Matrix you need depends on where you live. All Shields allow you to travel anywhere in the world. Only order an international matrix if you live outside North America (USA/Canada)

Our consultant divided the world into several different energy regions. Each region has the correct crystals in it to achieve optimal energy balancing and energy protection. If you live outside North America (USA and Canada), please order the international matrix. There is NOT one international matrix, rather, there are 17 different regions. Please tell us where you live, either by providing your home shipping address or, write us a note (there is a note section in the order form) letting us know where you live. We will provide you with the correct matrix based on your location.

You will notice an additional charge for the International Matrix. This is because the gems in the international matrix are slightly more expensive than the ones used in the North American matrix.

Exceptions to the above guidelines: If you order a focusing matrix, it was designed to be used anywhere in the world. Thus, you will see 3 options when you order a Shield: North American, Focusing Matrix, or International Matrix. You will choose the International matrix if you do not have an issue with focusing. If in question, use our free photo analysis and will help you choose the correct matrix for your needs. 

What if I am traveling or move to a new location?

If you travel frequently but do not stay for more than 6 months, you can wear the Shield that suits your own country. If you travel from Asia to Europe and back frequently, for example, and stay in each location for 3-6 months, please take advantage of our free Photo Analysis process. Our consultant will make a personalized recommendation to advise you of the best Shield option for your situation.

If you move to a new location and plan to be there more than a year, it will make sense to have us switch the matrix in your Shield so that it is appropriate for your new location or simply change it for the matrix for your new country. We will open up your Shield and exchange the crystal matrix. You will only pay for the labor, parts and shipping. Please This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. directly for this service.

If you are planning on moving between countries, you might consider getting the focusing matrix which acts as a universal matrix.

How to Order Your International EMF Radiation Protection Shield

When you order any of the Shields on our website, the crystal matrix is set for North America. To change this, please order the international crystal matrix IN ADDITION to ordering your Shield.

  1. Order the BioElectric Shield style you want
  2. In the Shield "addon" options section of the product, please choose, international matrix

Customs, Vat, and Shipping Rates for International Shields

There are usually custom fees associated with any order sent out of the United States. As the customer, you are responsible for paying these fees.

Click Here To learn more about what to expect, as well as our shipping rates for international pages.


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