International EMF Radiation Protection BioElectric Shields

If you live outside of the USA or Canada you need to order an international Shield for all personal Shields and Room Shields. Our international EMF Protection Shields use a crystal matrix inside of the Shield that is calibrated for your geographical region. It will be FAR more effective for you than one that is created for North America (United States and Canada).

Exception - If you are ordering a Focusing matrix,you do not also need to order an international matrix as the focusing matrix is universal and works anywhere.

We are the sole manufacturer of the EMF Protection BioElectric Shield, but we have distributors around the world. If there is a distributor in your area, we encourage you to order from your local distributor. The map will assist you in choosing your correct region. If you tell us where you live, we will choose the correct region for you. (Click the map for a larger and higher-quality version.)

shield-regions-international-matrix 800

North America (includes Canada, Greenland, Alaska, USA, Greater Antilles Islands in the Caribbean--Cuba, Bahamas, Puerto Rico )

Region 1 – Europe – include Iceland
Region 2 - Japan/Korea
Region 3 - South America- north of the equator, Lesser Antilles Islands--Virgin Islands, and Leeward Islands
Region 4 - Middle East
Region 5 - China/Philippines
Region 6 - Central America.
Region 7 - Africa, north of the equator (south of the equator is region 17).
Region 8 - India, Thailand, Malaysia, Part of Indonesia
Region 9 - Russia, Siberia.
Region 13 - South America, south of the equator.
Region 14 - Australia, New Zealand, part of Indonesia
Region 17 - Africa, Southern Hemisphere

NOTE: If you live in more than one Region, please email us specifics so we can help you choose the correct matrix.

Why is an International EMF Protection Matrix Needed?

Each EMF Protection Shield has crystals in it that protect you from electromagnetic radiation energies. It also has crystals that balance the 4 aspects of your aura: physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. People from different cultures require different types of crystals to accomplish this most effectively.

Our consultant divided the world into several different energy regions. Each region has the correct crystals in it to achieve optimal energy balancing and energy protection.

What if I am traveling or move to a new location?

If you travel frequently, but do not stay for more than a few months, you can wear the Shield that suits your own country. If you travel from Asia to Europe, for example, and stay in each location for 3-6 months, we advise getting the Level 4 gold Shield. Gold offers energetic flexibility so that it will function anywhere in the world.

If you move to a new location and plan to be there more than a year, it will make sense to have us switch the matrix in your Shield so that it is appropriate for your new location. You will pay for the labor and parts only. Please This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. directly for this service.

Why is the international matrix slightly more expensive than the standard North American one?

The gems required for international matrix are more expensive than the ones used in the North American crystal matrix. Distributors often pay customs duties, and those fees are included in their price of a Shield

How to Order Your International EMF Radiation Protection Shield

When you order any of the Shields on our website, the crystal matrix is set for North America. To change this, please order the international crystal matrix IN ADDITION to ordering your Shield.

  1. Order the BioElectric Shield style you want
  2. In the Shield "addon" options section of the product, please choose, international matrix

Customs, Vat, and Shipping Rates for International Shields

There are usually custom fees associated with any order sent out of the United States. As the customer, you are responsible for paying these fees.

Click Here To learn more about what to expect, as well as our shipping rates for international pages.

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