LAST CHANCE To Get A BioElectric Shield

It’s time for me to retire. I’ve reduced the price of all the BioShields and most other items in our store by 32% to celebrate 32 wonderful years in business. The discount is applied at checkout – no coupon code is needed. See the latest video updates here.

Inventory is extremely limited as these Shields will never be made again. Watch the video to hear the full story!

As we are closing, the following are no longer offered:

How to Recharge & Care for
YOUR BioElectric Shield

If you imagine your Shield as a vehicle, then think of the sun as fuel. Without fuel, your Shield will fade in effectiveness – and eventually, stop working.

At the beginning of each new month, it’s time to recharge your Shield. This is the most critical part of owning a Shield – it is ESSENTIAL to charge your Shield monthly. It will last for years when you do this.

Stop the Energy Drain from EMF and Other People’s Energy

Revitalize. Restore. Refocus.

Get 15% Off your order when you take the EMF or HSP Quiz

How sensitive are you to EMF? People? Places? Situations?

EMF radiation or other people’s energy can deplete and scatter your energy. Get Powerful EMF Radiation and Personal Energy Protection Wearing the Physics-Based BioElectric Shield.

Watch EMF Exposure Explained for Empaths and Electromagnetically Sensitive People.

Blocks & Neutralize

Blocks & Neutralizes EMF radiation from cell phones, WiFi, computers.

Deflects Energy

Deflects unhealthy energies from people, places & devices.

Focus & Think Better

Customers report feeling happy and less stressed.

Easy Life

Life seems easier and flows better.

Why was the Shield invented? Hear from the founder and learn how to choose the best EMF energy protection.

After nearly 30 years in business, the BioElectric Shield has helped over 200,000 people regain their natural energy from more than EMF. Many customers -especially empaths- have reported that they feel less impacted by energy from other people.

Take our EMF and HSP Quizzes to receive a personalized recommendation.

We recommend starting with EMF Protection for your body in the form of a BioElectric Shield. Next, add EMF protection to your cellphone, tablet, and all electronics. Last, add EMF protection for your home, your auto, and your workplace. The BioElectric Shield Co. was founded by Dr. Charles W. Brown, Chiropractic Neurologist & Virginia Brown, M.S., Occupational Therapist. We have been providing energy protection products since 1990. We care about your health and well-being!

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Protect Your Body With Bio Electric Shield

Wear a BioElectric Shield on your Body

Total EMF Radiation and Personal Energy Protection

Add EMF Radiation Protection on your Electronics

Specific shielding for phones, tablets, laptops

Add EMF Radiation Protection in your Home/Auto

EMF Radiation Shielding in your home, office, vehicle

Learn About Bio Electric Energy Shield

Dr. David Getoff
Doctor's Report

Watch three short, highly-informative, and entertaining videos on “Evaluation of EMF Protection Devices”

energized woman with shield
Customer Reviews
  • Increased focus
  • Renewed Energy
  • Less Stressed and Happier
Free Photo Analysis

Your aura shows how sensitive you are to your environment. Get started today with a free, personalized recommendation for your best energy protection.

Protect your body with our BioElectric Shield

Personal EMF Protection

Our mission is to provide you with the most robust and reliable EMF and personal energy protection available in today’s marketplace.

Since 1991, our physics-based BioElectric Shield has enabled energy-sensitive individuals to enjoy powerful protection from EMF radiation from electronics, WiFi, and 5G, or stressful, as well as negative energy from other people.

Backed by solid science, research, and testimonials, highly-sensitive people, empaths, and electromagnetically sensitive people get relief from the energy-draining effects of EMF and other people’s energy.

Our Bioelectric Shield maintains 100% strength using a solar recharge ensuring protection for a lifetime.

What is an EMF Protection Shield?

An EMF Protection Shield deflects and neutralizes EMF radiation from cellphones, cell towers, WiFi, Smart Meters, Dirty Electricity, and all forms of electropollution.

The EMF protection Shield by BioElectric Shield protects your entire body regardless of your environment.  Wherever EMF radiation or stressful energy is present, the Shield deflects any frequencies incompatible with your specific energy vibration.

Research has confirmed The BioElectric EMF Protection Shield,  balances, restores, and protects your energy from EMF and stressful energies from people, places or situations.

Empaths add highly sensitive people tell us they get consistent relief from the negativity and stress of other people and situations in addition to EMF protection.